January 06, 2011

This is what happens when nobody shows up for class

Last Tuesday I started working as a substitute teacher just for a couple of weeks. The first class went perfectly fine, without any mishaps. I thought it was going to be the same way today too, but nope! I arrived at 5PM and waited till my students showed up; except nobody showed up! When my clock stroke 6PM, I decided to take off. To have waited for an hour for a class that lasts an hour and a half is enough, right?

Now, I could’ve spent that hour profitably and read a book maybe; I could’ve also written lots of checklists with things I need to do before I leave, but no, no, no … I just wasted my time staring at the wall and oh, yes, taking pictures and talking to myself (in my mind, not aloud; I’m not that crazy!). The first thing I asked myself was, “Are they not coming because I didn’t make a good impression on Tuesday?” I don’t want to brag, but I discarded that option pretty fast; they looked quite satisfied with my class. My next impulse was to think that this was actually a good thing, because, come on! I’ll be paid for not having done anything. Soon after that, I felt a bit guilty for getting money I don’t deserve. And later I thought, “Oh, no, but I do deserve it. I’ve come all the way here and prepared material for this class. I could be blogging or doing a million other things, but I’m here”. Guilt must have vanished super easily because the next thing I remember thinking is, “Why on earth did I buy a leather bag that is so ridiculously big?!” My mental reply was “I told you not to spend so much money on that, but hey! You always do whatever you want and not what I tell you to!” Silence.

Then I turned my head and looked at all the pictures that the employees’ children had made and hung where the whiteboard was supposed to be.

I walked a few steps and then I came up with a good reply to my mind, “You’re right about the bag, but these flats were a bargain and are incredibly comfy, so they totally make it up for the bag. There! I said it!”

And to cut a silly story even shorter than it actually is, I then took these nonsense pictures and that’s when I realized that I should have left a long time ago.

Hope you’ve spent your day more wisely! Sleep tight! -.-


Chrissy said...

Sorry nobody showed up! You probably did such a good job that they didn't need another class! hihi
And, hey, getting paid for not doing much (except your preparations and the travel there) is pretty darn good! So, no worries! Cute bag, gorgeous shoes and sweet pics of sweet Miki!!
Hugs xxx

Laura said...

Love this story! Sorry, you traveled and prepared a lesson and had no students :( Shoes and bag are cute. Love. :)

LillĂ­ said...

Perros esos alumnos.

Nena Nadine said...

Those flats are super cute. Nothing beats finding a cute pair of shoes and thing have them be comfortable.

asmoix said...

It's awful when you waste time not doing something you like!
Maybe the students had an agreement not to go?
I love the bag but I like the flats better, I'm needing some flats myself ;_;
Thank you so much for the comment~~!

Frozen Fashion said...

Ok this was the perfect post for me to today because I have been a complete slug! Slept late and all that do things but get nothing done stuff so far.

God I love how you shared this story.

And oh yeah I talk to myself out loud..... ssssh don't tell I really am not crazy, just a crazy gene pool:P


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