January 23, 2011

One last time

Whenever Val and her family happen to be on vacation at the same time, I am in charge of going to their house and feeding their pets. I like doing this because I love her pets and also because it’s fun to go to someone else’s house when they’re gone. No, I’m not one of those who go through all the drawers in search for something exciting or unexpected; on the contrary, I try not to touch what I don’t need to. But coming back to my previous point, have you ever had the chance to be in a house that was not your own when its inhabitants were away? In past years, I stayed there for many days in a row; it was like being on vacation myself! I don’t know; I find it amusing to interact with animals that aren’t mine or spaces I am not so used to (this last one being particularly interesting at night when you’re half asleep trying to make it to the restroom in complete darkness, ha!).

This time was special because I won’t be coming here alone for a long time, I guess. I’m moving to California in a week, so I tried to make the most of this experience. And that, of course, included a bottle of Merlot!

I felt kind of guilty having red wine all by myself, so I asked Val's bears to join me (my bear bag and the bears on my jacket are currently banned from drinking booze, so they couldn't have any, poor little things!).

Oh! I almost forget to mention that Val lives in a church; how cool is that, huh? ;) No, she doesn't sleep on the altar, her house is within the same building, but right next to where the priests live. This is the view from Val's bedroom.

Fortunately, all the pets seemed quite relaxed, I'd say. They ate well and played all over the house.

If you could ask them what they think about me, they'd probably say I'm boring. Why did they yawn so much?! ... I'm offended!

I could have cooked and made coffee, but I restrained myself from touching the cooker. Based on a past experience, I can be very dangerous when left alone in that kitchen! Seriously, I almost burnt down the house a couple of years ago :(. Val left some notes so I could figure out how to use everything, but I still didn't dare.

Well, I did use the computer; but only because it was less prone to catch fire and it wasn't in the kitchen.

And another thing I did do, too, was leaving little surprises for Val to discover when she's back home tomorrow :). I used rattles (or would you call these bells?), wire, thread, rubber stars and doilies.

It wasn't easy to manipulate the wire; Soki thought it was a toy.

I left the rattles in different parts of the house so they would make a sound when she used these things.

I also left a couple of messages written on doilies.

And hung some colorful stars in her bedroom to wish her sweet dreams.

After having done my job these 3 days, I said goodbye to the pets and left. It was fun to do this one last time! I'll miss you Soki, Noel, Mili and house! So long!


Lauren said...

That is so freaking cool! What awesome surprises for her to find! I love the stars in the room. And lols re the pets yawning and being offended!!

Chrissy said...

Oh, Miki, you are just the sweetest friend!
Wow, one more week - WOW!!!
Are you very excited? When is Dimitri leaving? Oh wow! I can't wait to read a ll about your trip to the US!!!
Hugs xxx

Gale said...

aww such a nice thing to do for your friend. surprises are always a ton of fun. happy moving! how exciting :)

p.s. the gray little cat looks just like my louie..also a gray little cat

Nena Nadine said...

You are such a sweet friend. You will surely be missed.

Rosie said...

leaving the little suprises are SO CUTE.
the second picture of soki with the wire is adorable too!!
-Rosie <3

Lindsey said...

Wow, how cool she lives in a church! And with such a cute view. I love her doggy as well lol.

CocoCherie said...

The bells and things left behind are so cute. What a fun idea. If I ever house sit, I may have to borrow your idea:)

kenzie said...

how FUN! i want you to come house sit for ME! cute little ideas to leave for your friend, love it! also, your wine drinking photos are so cute. you are adorable! i love house sitting. im actually house sitting this weekend! and watching their three kids. that should be interesting, to say the least. great photos! have a good last week before you head to cali! im so excited for you!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I am feeling better, still a bit of a cough and headache but ok. You are so sweet leaving little presents everywhere. I sent your parcel to your new home yesterday, hope you like them all!

Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

Marie said...

i love to house sit, it´s like holidays, yeah!

Hello Naka said...

awh this is one of the sweetest and most original ways of saying bye!!! how cute ^^ and tehe we went back after we wandered around, but they took hours taking photos and we were needed the wedding was mainly for the adults XD

very cute pets ^^