January 21, 2011

Movie task: Lars and the Real Girl

I am so in love with this movie! I know I usually start these series of posts paraphrasing the same idea, but I’ve been choosing movies I love. I totally empathize with Lars in that I can’t be sociable. I’ve tried, believe me, but I find it too stressful to mingle and have a casual conversation with people I don’t share anything with. As contradictory as it may sound, I am friendly and interested in meeting people, though; I just can’t force being into a conversation I find ... blah. I can’t schmooze for the sake of it.

If you haven’t seen this movie, let me tell you it’s about a delusional man who tries to cope with his depression and loneliness by believing Bianca, a life-sized doll, is alive. I'll say no more, except go ahead and watch it!

So, based on Margo and one of my favorite scenes in the movie (this one), I chose an outfit she would have picked from my wardrobe. She is naive and fun, so I think my sheep dress would totally suit her.

Awe, this scene is so sweet!

Eeeh ... I couldn't help posing like Bianca, haha. And, as well as Lars, I ate her food :p.

Silly, silly post, but very enjoyable movie.


Chrissy said...

Love the trailer :"What the hell is he doing with a delusion?!" Hilarious!!

I have to see this movie - nerver heard of it!

Thanks for sharing hun!

Hugs xxx

Bethany Kellen said...

i love love love love love this movie so much.
i love your idea too

Nena Nadine said...

love love love Lars and The Real Girl!

jamie said...

hehe, this movie was great! loved the dryness and totally loved the ending too! i wont give much away for those who havent seen it but my favorite part was when lars took bianca to the christmas party lol :)

as far as the whole communicating, connecting, and mingling with people goes, i get you. im super friendly! and i love meeting people! but most of the time i dont want to even bother with it. and its funny because marc and i were talking about this not too long ago. i told him that i think im socially awkward but he calls me a social butterfly! idk. i probably sound weird but i have a feeling you get what im saying. in my book youre pretty awesome and super friendly :)

Oh, My Darling said...

Hooray for Ryan Gosling!!! Totally with you on complete LOVE for this movie.

Rosie said...

brilliant post too, you look lovely :) xx

Hello Again Vintage said...

Great trailer! I haven't watched it yet but will definitely add it to my must-see list.

♥ Grace

Marisa Midori said...

I never got around to seeing this movie but after your description I will add it to my to-watch list. I feel exactly the same way as you in social situations. (Makes it so difficult to be a freelancer where it's all about networking)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Never heard of that film, but it looks interesting!

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