January 17, 2011

I love unconventional art

Don’t you love it when someone has a sudden rush of wacky creativity, goes for it and pulls it off? I do. And, I’m not going to lie to you, I also usually get a little jealous and think “Why didn’t I come up with this idea first?!” Only to realize a few secs later that chances are I’m never going to come up with such a brilliant idea, haha.

I'd never heard of Magda Sayeg's original street art until very recently. These pictures make me want to finally give yarn a try.

It's made up by a bunch of Argentine people who choose unusual venues to hold nice dinners. It's only for a reduced number of people and if you want to be part of it, you need to book a table way in advance. After you do, you get an e-mail with the directions on how to arrive at the place they've chosen as well as the menu of the night. They're usually held in art galleries, theaters, stores ...

This blog features street art from different parts of the world. Here's a selection of my favorite pictures.

I hope all these colors help you start your week off with a smile! :D


Gale said...

This is a great post! I do feel the same way about things like this, why didn't I think of it first??! hahah. I love street art and Knitta is definitely something unique that I've never seen like.

Also the idea of Noches Grimond is incredible and I adore everything about it..the unusual venue, select few people, intimate, and unique theme or setting. Awesome awesome! I need to look more into that.

Thank you for sharing!

Rosie said...

i want someone to knit my house!
how amazing would that be?! :)
great post! :) xx

Hello Naka said...

i agree with rosie i love the knitting photos :3 i would love to vandalise the streets with crafts ;)

and the random placed restaurant dinner party sounds pretty amazing :) and lmao yeah security suck they r normally quite angry sounding :p tehe also just looking for a german penpal to help my german improves ^^

Chrissy said...

I have heard of Kitta before and I love it! Me, being a knitter at heart! Love the idea!
I also really like the Irish Streetart! Awesome!

Hope your week was off to a good start!

Hugs xxx

jamie said...

i love this post :) the knitted bus makes me smile! and id love to be apart of that high society and be apart of one of those dinners! and i loveee street art! thats actually how i fell in love and met my finace (also through the internet!) Speaking of street art have you seen the movie "exit through the gift shop?" at first we thought it was about Banksy but apparently it is about "mr brainwash" I have my personal opinions about Mr Brainwash but i'll keep them to myself =P If you havent seen it yet, girl watch it! and what state will you be moving to? so happy that you and your man will be together! About the wedding: weddings are so expensive. I cannot bring myself to spend too much thats why i will be doing a lot of DIY projects. Good luck with everything :)

jamie said...

yeahh, Exit Through The Gift Shop is an independent film. I drove to Berkeley to watch it. I cant wait til you watch it so we can discuss it! I wont tell you anything about that movie until then :)

my fiance used to do a lot of street art and i would see it all over my city. i used to tell myself that it was the most awesome and simple thing ive ever seen. Love exists everywhere.. on the internet, on the bus, in the distance and silence in us all. you just have to be open to it and it will come to you!

Ontario, yup! i know where that's at but ive never been there. So happy for you two <3 Now you're going to be a Cali girl and you get to say "hella" and "ghetto" lol

take care. talk to you soon.

Lindsey said...

Ohhh, the Irish street art is fantastic!! I love all the crazy designs on the buildings. When I see street art around here it is basically just that same graffiti design of bad words you see everyone lol. And that knit bus is pretty freaking amazing.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I love knitta her ideas are so great! And I adore graffiti art when it's done well
Daisy Dayz Home
Cross-Jones-Photography Home

danniekate said...

this is lovely, especially the knitting one! in london, this man paints chewing gum that gets stuck to the pavements, it's amazing! xx

oomph. said...

great photos...i love the irish street art.

Nena Nadine said...

i would love to see that bus come threw my town.

But I'm commenting to leave you this post.

The streamer tablecloth is a good cheap idea.