January 27, 2011

Contrasts: public transportation

The bus in the morning

The train at night

Train station

Subway station


Rosie said...

the bus from day - night is so weird! i never though of comparing the two!
-Rosie x

Gale said...

ooh i really loved these photos! i'm digging the colors on the bus in the first photo. it's always interesting to see the means of public transportation in different areas of the world. have a great day!

Chrissy said...

I love your ideas! Great pictures! Especially as a memory for you whenever you feel homesick!
How's everything going?
Hugs xxx

Hope Adela said...

i love how charming and down to earth these pictures are! =)

Annie, Time Enough for Drums said...

What a clever idea for a post!

Lindsey said...

I really love public transportation, it's not something I've experienced very often. I don't like when it's busy though :[ But a relaxing train ride is so nice.

northwest is best said...

Nice pictures, Miki! I usually enjoy taking public transport - you can look out of the windows and see all sorts of different people. Unless people are being noisy or eating horrible food. Then it's no fun.