December 17, 2010

Secret Santa

In my living room, there’s a huge bookcase that covers one complete wall. I occasionally go through the books in it; occasionally not too often since most of them remind me of my mom. About a week ago, I happened to see a big, red spine popping out and wondered if that was actually what I thought it was; and it was indeed: an old issue of “Boom”, a book which compiles Argentine comic strips, games, trivia and interesting data about practically anything. My generation and probably a few generations back know exactly what I’m talking about (well, the ones who were born and raised in Argentina, of course). I couldn’t help opening it and tearing some pages off. The Amelie spirit from my post about her must have stuck with me because all I could think of was using these parts of the book to make little gifts for strangers.

I glued the most interesting parts onto some pieces of orange cardboard and then put a few of them inside brown paper bags.

I hang the first one in a clinic's restroom when my sister had to see a doctor after injuring one foot. She used the restroom immediately after me, so I thought she was going to take it, but nope ... I don't know if she never noticed it or just didn't feel curious enough to open it, hehe.

Side note (or side pic), this happened a few minutes after we stepped out of the clinic. Not sure why I'm posting this, maybe because I though it was a great place to leave one of the brown paper bags (remember that scene in Amelie where the pay phone starts ringing?), but I didn't want my sister to see me do that, so I didn't. That's my sister, by the way.

While I was at the National Library about to experience Ciudades Paralelas, I dropped another one. The picture is very dark because that was the only spot where I could take my camera out of my bag without anybody noticing it; it was daaaark.

Later that day, before the next experience, I had some coffee in a coffee store (where else could I have had coffee? That's actually a stupid question. I could've had coffee at a gas station or a food court ... at McDonald's; you get my point) and hang one more paper bag.

This week, I dropped the last ones in a coffee store near the office. I put one in a magazine and I hang another one in the restroom. I hid a few more but in places where I wasn't allowed to take photos :(.

Hope Santa brings you nice gifts; but if he doesn't, don't worry, the best gifts you can get cannot be bought anyway. I'm sure you'll be made up with greater and more important things later in life ;).


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Chrissy said...

You always have such amazing ideas!! I would be very happy if I found one of those envelopes!!

Your sister is just as cute as you are!

Happy Friday!! xxx

Frozen Fashion said...

How incredibly inspiring to read this post while I enjoyed my morning tea to start my day!

Truly great!


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northwest is best said...

What a lovely idea! I hope the people who found them were happy.

Giselle S. said...

I share and support your "Amelie spirit".
Have a great weekend! :)

Jazzabelle said...

oh, i'd love to find something like that one day! such a shame you can't get the oppotunity to see people's faces when they discover these.


june at noon said...

Fun idea! I wouldn't mind finding a little surprise like that.

kenzie said...

oh my gosh, what a neat idea!!! i love this. when i fly, i always leave notes in the magazines in the seats. notes with my favorite quotes on them. makes my day. but this is fantastic. i might have to do this. loves it! xoxo

Ana said...