December 23, 2010

Movie task: Me Without You

When Me Without You starts playing, you see two little girls playing some mean and dangerous game; right from the very beginning, you can tell this is not another typical story about two best friends. Holly and Marina’s friendship gets more twisted and quirkier as the girls, a.k.a. Harina, grow older. Michelle Williams and Anna Friel (yes, the girl from Pushing Daisies! Can you believe it’s her?) did a great job. I felt trapped and exhausted; I could relate to Holly and seriously felt like punching Marina on her face. I honestly know nothing about acting or writing plots, but I can assert this is a good and effective movie. And even if you’re not into this story, hearing Michelle Williams speak British English makes it worth watching.

As for my task this week, it's connected with an early part of the movie where the girls start experimenting with sex and drugs. They go to this party expecting to meet Joe Strummer from The Clash and put on dresses made with plastic trash bags.

You can watch the scenes where they wear these dresses as from 4:40 in this video.

To make my trash bag dress I used a trash bag, naturally, scissors, tape, a stapler and another plastic bag.

I matched the dress with a pair of Melissas (Melissa is a Brazilian brand which makes plastic shoes, in case you didn't know. You saw a pair designed by Vivienne Westwood in my previous post).

Ok, I admit it; mine looks like total shit. The belt makes it look even worse and I seem even fatter. Oh, well, that's what happens when you don't know anything about dress making :(. Forget about this post, but go ahead and rent this movie :).


Nena Nadine said...

I think yours looks better then Michelle's. She literally looks like she just threw on a trash bag. She could of used your belt.

Frozen Fashion said...

Ok Miki! This is just the most awesome post I have ever read!

How you inspire and touch my soul!

Merry Christmas darling:)


Chrissy said...

Miki, you are the cutest!! Love your dress! So cute!

Merry Christmas my dear friend!!! Counting down the days with you until you have your appointment! Yay!!