November 03, 2010

Weddology: food and food-related topics

This week’s weddology post is a bit messy due to the overwhelming (and yummy!) amount of stuff found. The title is “food and food-related topics”, that “related” covering a wide spectrum of things. I chose pictures and ideas that called my attention either because I liked the display of the food, or the colors involved, or the dishes and treats themselves. Let’s see if I can categorize so much info into different logical clusters.

Sweet stalls
I think it's a nice idea to have different kinds of treats gathered together in one spot. Candy wrappings are usually colorful so you can unleash your imagination and create a wonderful sweet stall. 

Colorful cookies
I love the idea of choosing one topic and presenting a bunch of cookies in a cool container such as these light blue egg boxes.

You can paint the cookies yourself with edible coloring pens or edible luster dust.
This looks like fun and kids can do it too.

I also like the idea of hanging cookies everywhere.

Drinks served in small bottles; how cool is that!
Very "Alice in Wonderland".
An old bathtub to keep beverages cool is quite original.

Vintage bottles.
A couple of visually appealing cocktails.

 Jars used as glasses.

Food display
I believe it's important to explain what each thing is (because there're always people who are very picky) and to use lots of colors and shapes when displaying the food.

Shot glasses can be used to serve both drinks and food.

 Boxes, cups and jars can work too.

Pimping devices
Little details make the difference. A cupcake won't just be a cupcake if you use one of these eye-catching cupcake toppers.

Guess what? These are my favorite, hehe.

These straws can liven up any plain glass.

I'd probably not eat popcorn in a wedding reception; but I'd totally feel tempted to grab one of these cardboard popcorn containers.

OK, I don't know about you, but I'm craving something sweet now!
I hope I can find something in my pantry! :)


CocoCherie said...

Mmmm those sweet stalls look amazingly delcious! So do the lemonade and the small drinks with the drink me tags. Those are all very creative and fun ideas!

Flor said...

En Am. english, ¿"favorite" no lleva "u"?

Lauren said...

MMMMMMM!!!!! What gorgeous pictures. I love all those goodies x

Chrissy said...

What a great collection!!! I love the cute little beverage bottles and glasses! And those fruit cookies are precious!!

danniekate said...

might have saved a ton of these pics to be my desktop background...xx

Oh, My Darling said...

Mason jars and fun cookies?! So much wedding treat awesomeness.

Chickything said...

I love your blog and thanks for visiting mine!