November 17, 2010

Weddology: favors

Forget those tacky favors you used to get in the 80s or 90s! Nowadays you can choose from a wide variety of cool favors (or souvenirs) that go from the classic soap bars and treats (but totally renewed and wrapped in awesome personalized packaging) to very original devices. Let’s take a look at the ones I’ve found!

Cool containers
You don't need to spend much on fancy favors. You can buy some original cardboard or plastic containers and fill them with candy, almonds or seeds.

Edible favors
Most companies offer the customization of the packaging for free.

Apple cider, coffee and tea mixes

The first two are soap shaped like cake and roses; and the last three, towels displayed like desserts.

Practical ones
Maybe the best option is to get favors that guests can later actually use. What about manicure sets, sewing kits, handbag holders, fans, hand warmers or even disposable cameras?

Kind of weird
I really don't think the following ones are suitable as wedding favors. Well, the cheese grater is cute, but I wouldn't choose it.

Original ones
I think the wine charms and cookie cutters are cute. I'm not sure about the frisbee; maybe for a beach wedding party.

These are seeds (although they don't look like them). You're supposed to plant the whole piece of paper. This is an original idea, don't you think?
Muffin mix

My favorite ones
Luggage tags, bookmarks, spoon sets, shakers, bottle openers and letter openers; aren't they all super cool? :)

As you can see there are lots of different ways to thank guests for having come to your wedding party!


Chrissy said...

Wow - they are all amazing! I would really have a hard time picking one...
Have a great day girl!!
Love sent your way xxx

Hello Naka said...

awh so cute ^^ i love cute little containers XD

Lilla said...

wow! Where did you find all of these amazing photos - they're all so cute! Tea-riffic was totally my favourite!


Unknown said...

I remember all the weddings I went to with my mom in the 90's they all ways gave out these really bad rings that broke. like fake gold gumball machine rings.

Oh, My Darling said...

Wow! There are so many creative options!

Corina said...

I just love this post!
What a great idea to publish it :D