November 15, 2010

Today is Belle & Sebastian day! :D

Yay! The big day has finally arrived. After longing this moment for so long, it's here. Tonight I'm seeing Belle & Sebastian live for the very first time. I honestly didn't think this was going to happen here in Buenos Aires; I'm super happy they decided to come before I left.

I looked into the songs they've been playing ever since the tour started, so I kind of have an idea of what to expect. Here you have two songs we'll more than likely listen to tonight.

By the way, Dimitri likes listening to Scottish music as much as I do :).

Before I start getting ready, I'll leave you with pictures of my weekend with Giselle at Milion. I had a really good time with her :).

We took over the security guard's spot for a few minutes, hehe.

OK! My hair is a mess (my sister traveled to Brazil and took the flat iron with her), it might start pouring down, but I don't care! I'm seeing Belle & Sebastian tonight!
God, I hope I don't pee my pants!


Chrissy said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome!! Can't wait to see and read all about it!!
I don't think your hair is a mess (btw, my salon appointment is on Thursday!!
And, I tagged you over at my blog! Go and check it out!!
Love xxx

Thera Joyce said...

Awesome! I hope you have fun Miki! :)

the runaway romantique said...

I love Bell & Sebastien! I hope you had a lovely time. This is my first time visiting and you have such a lovely blog I had to say hello :) Maybe we could follow each other!

- the runaway

Oh, My Darling said...

Hooray!!! I know you love these folks quite a bit -- hope you had the time of your life at the show!