November 18, 2010

Movie task: High Fidelity

Today I’m here introducing a series of posts I’m really excited about. I couldn’t come up with a brilliant name, though, but it’s pretty self-explanatory. Movie task will consist of posts featuring a movie at a time. No, I will not write movie reviews or just post videos with my favorite bits. It’ll involve me doing something connected with a certain movie. “Something” means anything, really. It can be replicating a character’s style or outfit, sharing a recipe connected with the movie, etc. I won’t go as far as adopting a Chinese baby as in Gigantic, or becoming a wrestler like Nacho Libre, or joining a Fight Club. I’ll be doing things more like …  singing “Here Comes Your Man” as in 500 Days of Summer, maybe? Well, I actually don’t think I’d go that far either (unfortunately I don’t have the guts to sing in public). I’m sure you’ll understand more about this section as the posts start running. What I can guarantee is that Movie task won’t be a standard series of posts about movies.

So, without further ado, here's the very first Movie task post.

High Fidelity

I'm sure you've all seen it and liked it a lot, or at least reckon that there were some memorable moments in it. So, what is the first thing that comes to your mind when you read or hear "High Fidelity"? Exactly! The great Top 5 moments!

If, for some strange reason, you still haven't seen it and have no clue what I'm talking about, go ahead and watch these two Top 5s.
Top 5 break ups

So, obviously, my task this week is to write my own Top 5 lists. And I'd love to read yours as well! :D

Top 5 songs to listen to while commuting to work
1.- I'm Not Living in the Real World by Belle & Sebastian.
2.- Humo Gris by Avant Press.
3.- Merry Happy by Kate Nash.
4.- Sound of Drums by Kula Shaker.
5.- Beggin' by Madcom.

Top 5 cover songs
1.- Across the Universe by Fiona Apple.
2.- Always on My Mind by Pet Shop Boys.
3.- Bette Davis Eyes by Gwyneth Paltrow.
4.- 99 Balloons by Goldfinger.
5.- Your Song by Keane.

I could write a hundred more this afternoon, but I'll give you these two.
So what about you? Can you come up with a Top 5 list? :D

And since I'm still in a Belle & Sebastian mood. Here's a funny part of the movie where they talk about them, haha. It always makes me laugh hard!


Nena Nadine said...

I've actually never seen this movie. :( I forgot about it after it was out of the theaters. When they started playing it on comedy central I didn't have cable and my then boyfriend (now husband) never wanted to watch it cause 'it's on all the time'. To this day he still doesn't want to watch it because comedy central overloaded him on it. I think I'll rent it for my day off next Tuesday!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, Nena! I understand what he means. And something similar has happened to me with a bunch of movies people highly recommend to watch, such as "500 Days of Summer". I had such great expectations that when I saw it, I really couldn't understand what the big deal about it was. I don't know if it was that or just the plot, which I found so not magical.

Anyways, the point is, go rent it; forget about what I've said in this post, haha, and see it without any expectations at all. Don't expect a masterpiece, it's not. It's just a very enjoyable movie :).

Please, let me know what you think about it if you decide to see it :).


Nena Nadine said...

I try very hard to have low expectations for movies. I can't always but it does improve my outlook greatly. Like I try and tell my husband. Not everything needs to be epic or thought provoking. It's OK if it's 'just' fun or entertaining.

Chrissy said...

Love Gwyneth's cover of Bette Davis, love Keane, love Pet Shop Boys, Beggin' was THE song of the summer of 2006, love 99 balloons (the original is from Nena)! Love the movie, love John, love, love!!

Good night xxx

Madison's Assortment said...

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Influence said...

I absolutely LOVE the book High Fidelity, there are so many great quotes.

Oh, My Darling said...

John Cusack makes me swoon, always and forever, but particularly in this movie!

Top 5 Songs for a Sorta Healing Heart:
1. Fiona Apple - Oh Well
2. Mumford and Sons - I Gave You All
3. Rilo Kiley - Silver Lining
4. Cat Power - Good Woman
5. Bon Iver - For Emma