November 01, 2010

Just look on the bright side

To be quite honest with you, this has been a stressful weekend. My dad is very asthmatic and he doesn’t seem to be getting over it at all; I’m broke and haven’t found another job; I haven’t got any news about my visa. However, this blog is not about grumbling and whining. I’m a very positive person who always tries to look on the bright side, so here’s a peek at the highlights of my weekend :).

Val kindly invited me to have tea together.
So we went to Felicidad; a place we'd already been to and love.
We had tea (lots of it).

And we also had lots of things to eat!
Side note: we're supposed to be on a diet.

We like this petit resto because they serve great tea blends, yummy food, and because they have smiling napkins. And who doesn't like smiling napkins, right?
If you take a look around, you'll find lots of mirrors to play with.
I couldn't snap the coolest ones because the place was packed and I didn't want to bother anybody.
We chatted a lot. I hadn't seen Val for quite a while.

After tea, we went to the mall because Val needed to buy herself a bag.
No pictures of the bag, but believe me, it's a cute one :).
This is the only pic we took at the mall. I like it; it reminds me of Pulp's "Disco 2000" video.
Do you remember this video?

And, well, after a nice and quiet evening, I had to come back to chaos, ooh.
Fingers crossed my dad gets better soon!

Have a great week! =)


Unknown said...

this looks like a great place to go! i love drinking tea :)

Laura said...

Oh my! What a lovely tea. :) I love tea too.

I do hope you get word about your visa soon. What a great adventure you are going to embark on!

Hope you have a nice week :)


Hello Naka said...

i love a nice cup of tea and a chat :)

nice photos and smiley napkins ftw! hope everythings works out and ur dad gets better :)

archives vintage said...

good luck on the job front, and i do hope your dad feels better soon! looks like you had a nice weekend, though :)

Chrissy said...

Oh Miki, I so hope everything turns out just fine for you!! Keeping my fingers crossed!!

Guess what - the package came today!!! Yay!! It really cheered me up...I had a busy stressful day and when I got home and Leonie grabbed it out of the mailbox...yay!! Thank you so, so much for everything!!

I will post about it tomorrow! Need to take pics first!! That's why I haven't tried anything yet!! Thank you so much!! Love it!!

Will email you tomorrow!!!

Love xxx

Anonymous said...

Miki, they're opening a tea house down the street from me! This might not sound exciting, but West Asheville doesn't have one yet. I can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Hope your daddy gets well soon!
Felicidad is a beautiful coffeshop, i've never been there. Maybe next time we can go together. Kisses and ++ vibes.

Ashley said...

oh Miki I wish they would just let you move here already. I didn't realize what a stressful process coming to the US is. I got your email, I'm not worried if my name is missing or not, but thanks for letting me know. My Halloween was pretty fun, I worked but it was great to see everyones costumes.