November 20, 2010

Contrasts + guest post



Healthy lunch
Unhealthy dessert

Sweet Chantele from Daisy Dayz is in China enjoying her honeymoon with her husband Jon. While she's away, she's having some guest bloggers posting a series of outfits we've created to suit her but respecting our own styles. I was super excited when she asked me to be one of them because I'm not an expert in clothes or anything of the sort; I love clothes but I know I'm not good at matching them to create a coherent outfit. Nonetheless, I was one of the chosen girls and my version of "Play Dress Up" (that's how she's called this series) was published yesterday. Oh, I almost forget to tell about you the most exciting part of this! Once back home, she's going to try to recreate every otufit we've come up with. 
Please, go say hi to her; she's a total sweetheart :). Thanks!
Hope you're all having a great weekend!


choco.pop said...

Unhealthy dessert, unhealthy dessert!

Miki, no tenes Twitter? Sos una de esas personas que reniegan de las redes sociales? xD You look like one, really. Pero me encantaria leerte en twitter ;_;

Me voy a dar una vuelta a ver tu post en Daisy Dayz. A ver si sos un desastre con la ropa como yo jaja, no creo que eso sea posible.

Un abrazooooo~

PD: se me dio por escribir en español, el ingles me patina hoy xD

choco.pop said...

Sos una mentirosa ;_; tenes muy buen gusto ¬¬ No vale, yo tengo puestos unos jeans que me quedan grandes, una remera y unas John Foos negras xD

Aya, me encanto ese sweater, en serio. En momentos como este me gustaria saber coser jaja.

Otro abrazo <3

Unknown said...

lol, your cat looks more comfortable on the pavement then the sheets.

choco.pop said...

XD te quedo genial, really. Ay, ese sweater me va a quitar el sueño ~_~
Dale! Un dia de estos arreglamos y nos encontramos a tomar algo y a sacarnos fotos con nuestros super fashion outfits (NOT) xD

Ahi te agregue en FB. A mi no me gusta mucho tampoco, pero lo tengo por cuestiones... de negocios jaja.


choco.pop said...

Y si algun dia decidis hacerte una cuenta en Twitter, follow me :3 @athor_s

Chrissy said...

Great photos!! Love it!!
And, I agree on the Twitter question (even though I don't understand what Choco.pop wrote, I did understand the Twitter thing), you really have to start!!
Hugs xxx

choco.pop said...

Haha, I asked Miki if she had Twitter, but she looks like one of those persons who doesn't really like social networks xD and that I would love to read her on twitter.
I don't like to see that people post comments on languages I don't understand ;_; so sorry >_< but my english feels just so weird today xD

btw, she doesn't have twitter, we should conspirate to make her register there? y/y?

Haha I'M IVL!!!


Alexa Raye said...

Hey Miki! Great photos!

By the way that Crazy Cat Lady game is still available! They have it on Amazon!

Hope you're having a good week!


babalisme said...

LOL, this is hillarious! if you tweak the cat "hard" photo upside down and change the background image into a sky, it'll look like he walks on air!

june at noon said...

Great photos! What a fun dress-up game too!

chiaracat said...

yay!! thanks for your comment ^w^ I feel better now! I think that I'll put your banner in my blog, you have a super nice blog (and cat too!!)

Massiiela said...

Quiero un rainy day, en una soft bed comiendo un unhealthy dessert!

Muy lindo tu blog chica :)


Laura said...

Dimitri is so sweet. I love the photo of him cozy in your bed. :)

Anonymous said...

I just want to say Hi to Everyone!