November 04, 2010

4 cool artists from 4 different countries

Illustrator Vahram Muratyan runs Paris vs New York, a blog where he compares these two cities; a simple yet effective pop delight to the eye.

Everybody here in Buenos Aires knows graffiti artist Pum Pum. She's a cute blondie who rarely shows her face in interviews. She became famous after painting lots of walls in he city and now gets requests to leave her imprint in modern hotels, art galleries, journals, etc.

I have the feeling that probably none of you will watch this video about Phil Hansen, but let me try to entice you into it. Wouldn’t you be interested in learning more about a young man who’d record and lock himself in a room for 6 days to complete a piece of art made by writing on a circular and rotating canvas? And the coolest part is that he made this drawing with phrases that people e-mailed with one thing that has changed their lives. What about portraying a murderer with thousands of pictures of the victims he’s slaughtered?

I really like Dan Hillier's macabr art. Take a look at some of his pieces and don't miss his blog.


Marie said...

vi el video, lo del rotating canvas es muy impresionante

Ashley Sisk said...

These are all very cool - by the way, I finally read your letter. It came in the mail on Friday but I hadn't had a chance to open it. I can't wait to write back....we have something else in common. :)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I love the argentina bathroom. That is so cool. The first artist is so fun too, would love to do that with Cardiff and somewhere.
Daisy Dayz

bonjourbohemian said...

miki! i did it! :)) take a look at my 10-things-list:

- see you, Min.

danniekate said...

oh that first set is just too funny! xx

babalisme said...

I love the France vs NY one. Oh, the Carrie and Amelie LOL! The rest are just as talented and inspiring!

Giselle Schwerdtfeger said...

I liked them all, but the first one is really great :-))

Giovanna ♥ said...

Great work! They're very different from each other but equally amazing!
Thanks for sharing & for the lovely comment dear!
Boho Market

Naka said...

i love the first artists i love simplicity :)

Oh, My Darling said...

So much great art!!! I've been seeing the Paris/NYC around lately, but have never seen the Carrie/Amelie image, which is so very clever!

Jazzabelle said...

ohh, i love Vahram Muratyan's work, such a simple but brilliant idea. i shall definately be saving his name for my college inspiration, thank-you! :) xx

the runaway romantique said...

everything is so inspirational! aaaa! i love the paris vs new york and the argentinian graffiti artist. thanks for sharing :)

Corina said...

What an amazing post!
Phil Hansen's left me speechless... OMG!!!