November 28, 2010

Gallery Nights

Gallery Nights is held every last Friday of the month. It’s a night when over 60 galleries in Buenos Aires City remain open until 2AM. There’re lots of art exhibits, people everywhere and some special shows (oh, and free booze, too). My good old friend Val and I visited a few art galleries last Friday before going to our favorite pub. And here are some of the pics we took.

There were taiko players doing their thing in the street opposite a Japanese art exhibit. You can see the taxis and buses in front of the players.

Here you can see people talking about art ... or probably something else.

I can't believe I tanned so fast!
I liked this one.
And this one matched Val's outfit.
Val drank her glass of champagne and I don't know how she did it, but she drank mine too.
I'm still puzzled.

And we then we headed for La Cigale.

No Bloody Marys or Martinis or Long Island iced teas. A Sex on the beach and a peach daiquiri just like in the old days.
God, I'm going to miss this city! There's always something fun to do!

November 26, 2010

Movie task: Le Fabuleux Destin d'Amelie Poulain

I’m sure that if I say Amelie Poulain, you’ll all know who I’m talking about. I love her so much and can’t get enough of her! I can watch this movie time after time and enjoy it as if I’d never seen it before. I’ve met lots of Amelie lovers as well as haters, but according to what I’ve seen in many blogs, most of you girls appear to love her just as much as I do :).

So, assuming you all know what the movie is about, I'll just move on to telling you what my weekly task consists of. Do you remember the part where Amelie breaks into Mr. Collignon's apartment in order to take revenge on him for being  mean to Lucien? No? Well, then the following video will help you remember.

She did several things to tease Mr. Collignon such as switching his slippers to a smaller size, changing the numbers recorded in his telephone, filling his cognac bottle with some disgusting liquid. No, I didn't break into any of my neighbors' house; I only stuck to the surprise factor in the things she did. My point was to tease people too but in a milder way. I wanted people to find things only to discover they were not what they'd thought they were. Too complicated to explain! But the pictures will speak for themselves.

I took four matchboxes and some confetti. I kept the matches and filled the boxes with the confetti.

I also grabbed two blue pens and two black pens, and switched their refills. So the ones which were supposed to have blue ink had black ink, and the other way around.

But of course this was not only about teasing people; I also wanted to cheer some other strangers up. That's why I prepared a few doilies with some positive messages.

And now you can see where I've dropped everything.

Have you made it this far? Well, before I leave I'll refer to a very old post of mine where I introduced myself the way they introduce the characters in Amelie. This is the post and this is what I said:

Miki likes ...
* daydreaming;
* baby talking to pets and telling them secrets;
* eating gummy bears, especially red ones;
* imagining she stars the videos of the songs she listens to;
* believing one day she'll see her mother again.

How would you introduce yourself if you were a character in this movie?

Hope you all have a great weekend! :D

November 25, 2010

Contrasts: 2D on 3D

This time the contrast is within each picture.

November 24, 2010

Weddology: bridesmaids

This week’s Weddology post is all about bridesmaids. We don’t typically have them here in Argentina unless it’s a very fancy wedding (and I’m not going to have one); but since I’ve been running into lots of beautiful pictures and things connected with them ever since I started looking into weddings more thoroughly, I thought I would share what I’ve found. Some of the things you’ll see are not only meant just for bridesmaids, but were found under that tag. Enjoy!

As far as I could see in old American movies, choosing the bridesmaids’ dress used to be a big issue. Not any more, though. There are no rules written on stone which command what your bridesmaids should or should not wear. Typically, they all used to wear the exact same dress, but that’s no longer a rule. There usually is, however, one common detail that will make them look like a consistent group of girls:
the same dress but in different colors;

different dresses, different colors, but the same length;
different dresses, but same shade and length;

The rule, as for decorating rooms, is to always find a bonding element that would make the composition harmonious. See this picture below? They’re all wearing different dresses in different colors and lengths, even different flower bouquets but they still look that they belong in the same group. How come? Their dresses are made with the same material and in different colors but in a similar shade.

There are some brides who still want their bridesmaids to wear the exact same dress, but lucky them, if that’s the case, the dress is nowadays a designer’s piece.

If I were to have bridesmaids, I'd choose something like these dresses (see three pictures below), which are very versatile; you can pull off several different dresses with just one piece depending on how you put it on. Plus, the girls would still be able to wear it after the wedding ;).

This one is reversible, which lets you play even more! How cool is that?!

The jewelry is usually the same in all the bridesmaids; of course, it shouldn't be flashy, but that doesn't mean it can't be super cute and classy, look!

I love this bow ring!

Shoe clips

It is customary to give bridesmaids a little gift as a big thank you for their colaboration. Apparently, clutches and make-up bags are the most common objects bridesmaids get.

So now you know it, if one of your friends ask you to be her bridesmaid, you won't have to wear some tacky dress and you might get some interesting goodies ;).
It doesn't sound bad at all, huh?

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