October 13, 2010

Weddology: wedding mixed tape

This is probably my most arbitrary Weddology post so far. Most of you probably don’t care to know what music I dig or don’t, but music has played a huge role in my relationship with David. We met thanks to it (on MySpace) and lots of our preliminary talks were about this subject. The first package I ever sent him contained a mixed CD with my favorite Argentine indie songs as well as an original CD by Entre Rios, one of my top 5 favorite bands ever. He did record CDs for me too, only he delivered them in person =P. And that’s how it all started. Of course, there have been lots of nastier, kinkier and spicier conversations; but I don’t want to get into that *blush*.

So we owe it to music and MySpace, pretty much. It’s common to hear people here and there talking about how their lives have changed or how much they’ve achieved through these so-called social networks, but we often do not acknowledge how big the change can actually be until we’re the ones involved. I could spend hours just telling you about my own experience, but I don’t want to bore you. Let me just say, that my life has given a 180-degree turn … to the northwest, ha!

Being that music is what initially bound us together; I’d love it if we could include our favorite songs in our little reception and maybe do something music-themed. I have a couple of ideas, but will save them for the actual day =). So, without further ado, here’s my super abbreviated wedding mixed tape.

Love songs

Writing to Reach you by Travis
I really like the song and the video. I love the part that goes: "Because my inside is outside, my right side's on the left side; cause I'm writing to reach you now but I might never reach you ..." Oh, and Travis' show was our very first concert together (in Anaheim)! =) I had a blast that day.

Jonathan David by Belle & Sebastian
This is more of a love misfortune song than a romantic one, but we've always said we used to be the typical losers, loners (well, that only applies to me, haha) until we found each other; so we can actually see this story in the video from both sides =). I love, love, LOVE Belle & Sebastian and find this video cute and funny at the same time.
Oh, and one of my little dreams is to go on stage when the band plays this song (they usually select a girl to go on stage and dance with them. I want to beone of these girls! I don't dance unless I'm tipsy, but whatever!)

Shower Your Love by Kula Shaker
I love the band; this is where my e-mail address comes from, by the way.

Non-romantic songs

Common People by Pulp
This is the video you find when you look up awesomeness in a dictionary (ok, an online dictionary, maybe).

Every Party Has a Winner and a Loser by Erlend Oye
Why? Duh! Because it's Erlend Oye! And lots of Kings of Convenience tunes will be played, too.

No Surprises by Radiohead
Too depressing, do you think? Nah, they should play Radiohead in all parties (the old stuff, anyway).

Slaven las Ballenas by Entre Rios

As I said it before this is one of my favorite Argentine bands ever. It combines electronic music and the mellow voice of a soprano. It can't get any better than this. Unfortunately, they changed the singer which made it a completely new band. You can hear Isol, that's Entre Rios' former singer, in her new project: Isol/Zypce, which I love too.

I could go on forever, but I think I've named enough bands. I'd have liked to include some of David's favorite songs (such as The Faint and Nirvana's), but I don't know much about them, so I'll leave those song lists to him.

Oh, and if there's any band that you like and think I don't know, I'd love you to tell me about it. I LOVE listening to new bands.


emma said...

GREAT list!

Ashley said...

aww I love this post! You have great taste in music!

Naka said...

i lvoe the song common people ^^
Im sure ur music will gfet peopl dancing ^^

daisymay aka Chantele said...

For our first song we actually had a Tom Jones song called We Got Love. It is beautiful see this video. And we had a blues band. Your music picks are great.

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Oh, My Darling said...

what a great collection of wedding songs! there's nothing as special as a soundtrack to a special relationship! I'm partial to "Home" by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.