October 20, 2010

Weddology: little details

I firmly believe it's not necessary to go on a splurge to have a memorable wedding; cool little details here and there can make it stand out from average weddings. Let's take a peek at some ideas I've found.

Preppy socks

Shoe stickers

I love terrariums! It'd be great to have a few as centerpieces or as favors for the guests.
They're quite expensive, though; so if we can't afford them for the wedding we might probably just get a couple for the house.

Ring pillows

Glass identifiers

To help guests put up with the weather


Alice said...

Oh what a lovely post! The Shoe stickers are so cute and I love the Ring pillows. So romantic!
xx, Alice :)

Chrissy said...

I love it all! I really like those cute terrariums!!

milk overdose said...

amazing things, very romantic and creative. i would love to have a wedding kinda bucolic or vintage :)

zuzi said...

amazing details...I have never seen those shoe stickers, I love them!! and those cute ring it's really sad that in my country weddings aren't THAT special occasions (well, they are, but in a different, and sadly not very creative, way), so nobody cares about original decorations...I don't know why that is, but it's a shame indeed. it just looks so good on photographs :)

Anonymous said...

Miki: I had trouble too! At first we thought it was my computer, but then we realized lots of people using Windows were having issues (Brien is a Mac user.) Anyway, we re-uploaded the album via Windows and it should work now. Try again and let me know!

I love the terrariums, especially the little bottle ones. How long before you move?

CocoCherie said...

Terrariums are super cool and those ring pillows are just so sweet! Details do make everything better.

Anonymous said...

Love those little knitted ring pillows! x

Jill said...

Hi Miki!
Just popping in to say you're blog is looking GREAT! i also wanted to thank you for your encouraging comments over at the Lune blog - I really appreciate them - a lot. Thank you!
Love Jill

Naka said...

i love the knitted ring pillows and I love the shoes sticker uber cuteness!!!

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

great finds! i love those terrariums! really cuuute!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Hey Miki,
My girlfriend actually painted her shoes with fabric paint and fake studs when she married.
Maybe you could do something like that?
I was wondering, maybe you could make little terrariums out of those clear Christmas ornaments?
~Naila Moon

jamilah said...

Yes Miki, it's all in the details... that's why for my wedding this past February... I made all the details! And everyone raved about it... so fun planning your wedding, isn't it?

Oh, My Darling said...

Oh my, what fun details! Particularly loving terrariums!