October 28, 2010

Spring finds

Half of the world (and probably 90% of the bloggers I know) are talking about how much they love fall. Well, it's spring here in the southern hemisphere so I've decided to make a post about some spring items I've seen in windows and websites. I'm totally broke and can't afford to buy a single piece of clothing this month (or the next one), so this will be my monthly dose of fashion (or well, somthing like that). I hate it when I find it hard to make ends meet! :( Grrr!

OK, enough whining, these are the clothes and accessories that have called my attention so far. My posting them doesn't mean that I necessarily like them; I just want you to take a glance at what's going on on these warmer lands.



LAMINDY said...

Paso a las corridas....
Recomendacion Weddology!:

De los modelitos, me quedo con los de Huija. Pero todos son interesantes.

Indie.Tea said...

I live in the Northern hemisphere, and I'm tired of hearing about autumn! Here, its just cold and rainy and there's no magical changing of the leaves, etc...
But the spring things are cute. I read a lot of Australian and New Zealand-based blogs, so I've been a decent amount about Spring - which is so much more interesting.