October 12, 2010

My friend Ceci announces the giveaway winner

I feel it’s been a century since I could last post anything! My sister was home all long weekend, so I couldn’t borrow her computer. I wish I could write some more now but I have to deal with … guess what? Paperwork connected with my visa. There have been some minor (I hope) mishaps, so I can’t be called for my final interview just yet =(. Bummer!!! But, I hope I can work everything out these days.

To the giveaway now! I saw my friend Ceci on Sunday and she randomly chose the winner. Sorry, the close up pictures are all blurred; fortunately, you can clearly see the winner’s name in the last one.
Then I wonder why they mistake me for a tourist!

I wrote your names down on these hearts.
Then, I put them face down and mixed them.
And Ceci picked one.

Congrats, Chrissy!!!
And thank you all for participating in my little farewell giveaway!


Chrissy said...

Is that me??!! Yay, if I won!! Double-Yay!! Yay, Yay, Yay! Thanks so much!! That is, if it's really me...;)
By the way - I will bring your package to the post office tomorrow! Found some nice things (still didn't get everything!), so it will be on it's way by tomorrow!!

Jen said...

Chrissy - you lucky duck!! Enjoy the prize girl!

Alice said...

What a cute way for picking out the Winner.
Congratulations on your great Prize Chrissy!
xx, Alice :)

Lillí said...


Naka said...

awh congrats ^^ and very cute photos!

Ashley said...

sooo cute!