October 15, 2010

Cool stuff from 5 different countries

Aya Kato from Japan
I love this 28-year old Japanese girl's art; so colorful, mysterious and pretty!
Check her site here.

Post from Israel
I don't know about you, but I love stockings! I ger frustrated when I go to my favorite store (this one) and see all those lovely and colorful printed pairs, because I know that most of those patterns are not flattering for my physique. These ones from Post are amazing because they're original and the vertical inscriptions don't seem to create a widening effect.

Maybe you can get these ones to complement your Halloween outfit ;-).

Mac's Silhouette Machine from the USA
As soon as I saw this device featured here, I knew I had to find out where to get it. I can't afford it right now, but I'll write this name on my wishlist.
You can purchase it here, where you'll also find tutorials and cool ideas.

12-na from Argentina
12-na recycles second hand clothes and turns them into unique pieces of art. Deconstruction and rupture are the two words that define the brand. I particularly love it but it's not simple to find a piece that you like, suits you, is the right size and color.

Hollerado's video "Americanarama" from Canada
Their music is not my favorite kind (I usually enjoy mellow tunes), but this video is cool and worth posting.

Hope you all have exciting plans for the weekend! =)
Hollerado - Americanarama [HD Music Video] from Frederico Marques on Vimeo.


Chrissy said...

Hey Miki,
I love all of it! Especially those tights!! Thanks for your comment today! I was just sooo busy! Leonie will be a punk pirate girl for Halloween! I don't really dress up (except for some halloween makeup)! Your package is on it's way - can't wait til you get it! Excited!!!

Naila Moon of the Grey Wolf said...

Those tights are too cool but would look totally sucky on me. sigh...
~Naila Moon

Laura said...

Hi Miki- Thanks for visiting my blog. I like yours too!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Oh I always love those tights, I just cant bring myself to spend that much on a pair that I will no doubt rip! As for the cutting machine, I really want a Cricut! OMG these things are amazing, google them. They look alot like the machine you have but the possibilities are endless and I think they are about the same price. I have one on my dream wish list as there is no way anyone is gonna but me a $300 cutting machine, lol.

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Anonymous said...

Aya Kato's illustrations are supreme!!

Anonymous said...

Aya's artwork is absolutely stunning. And I'm looking through the store for those tights now, there are so many awesome pairs. Thanks for sharing!

Devi Pope said...

Aya Kato's art still amazes me.

choco.pop said...

Loved the Silhouette Machine, but it must be really expensive ;_;
What REALLY caught my attention was that incredible vest from the first picture of 12-na. I-need-one-of-those *cries*

Thanks for sharing!

choco.pop said...
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zuzi said...

I love the follow me's such a great idea!!!

Corina said...

No doubt the Silhouette Machine is my favorite! I'll also add it to my wish list ;)