October 29, 2010

Yummy International

As part of Ashley’s idea Yummy International, I exchanged sweet treats with Chrissy from the USA. Ashley wisely paired me with this sweet girl who’d traveled from Germany to the USA, so you can figure I was happy to be able to talk to someone who’d already gone through what I’m about to embark on! This was not only a great way to get to know American treats, but most importantly, to meet such an adorable person as Chrissy, so that’s what I’m mostly thankful for. Thank you, Ashley! I don’t remember saying it to you, actually! What an idiot I am!

This is the box. You can’t imagine how excited I was when the postman knocked on my door and I saw such a big package on his hands!  
And I was even happier when I opened it. Look at all the things she sent! It's crazy!
She even sent one of her lovely felt pins! And decorated the box with leaves :).
I could finally try the coconut M&Ms. I don't like coconut, but I love coconut M&M, huh!
These were my very favorite from the bunch.
I also liked the pretzel M&Ms a lot.
But I guess that my absolute favorite sweet were Reese's peanut buttercups, yum!
I still have some candy inside my PEZ. That dispeser is aweome; it glows in the dark :P.
Oh, and I was surprised to see the Fruit by the Foot format, look:
It was scary to see the leftover paper after eating the candy. I was like "what the hell?! Did I eat that much candy in such a brief period of time???" ... Well, duh, yes! Haha. But, man, did I enjoy it!? :) It tasted really good.

We do have Skittles and Nerds here in Argentina. I've never been big on them, but my sister is, so she was super happy to accept them. She says "thanks, Chrissy", by the way :).

Ah, I've also like the Milk Duds, but found them too sweet to eat many at a time. I'm surprised to see that you eat caramel (that's an Argentine creation, but we call it "dulce de leche", because it's made by boiling milk and sugar for a long time).

Oh, wait! Wait! There's somehing else!
I finally tried Kool Aid! :P I had to add big amounts of sweetener to each glass, but it tasted good. I think my two favorite flavors were grape and watermelon.

Thank you so much, Chrissy for having sent so many things! You really shouldn't have.
I hope you get my package soon! Let me know when you do, please :).

October 28, 2010

Spring finds

Half of the world (and probably 90% of the bloggers I know) are talking about how much they love fall. Well, it's spring here in the southern hemisphere so I've decided to make a post about some spring items I've seen in windows and websites. I'm totally broke and can't afford to buy a single piece of clothing this month (or the next one), so this will be my monthly dose of fashion (or well, somthing like that). I hate it when I find it hard to make ends meet! :( Grrr!

OK, enough whining, these are the clothes and accessories that have called my attention so far. My posting them doesn't mean that I necessarily like them; I just want you to take a glance at what's going on on these warmer lands.


October 27, 2010

Weddology: US

Today is census day here in Argentina, so we didn’t have to go to work. It’s great for most workers, but it sucks to me because I get paid by the hour (and as you know, I’m kind of jobless already). Being that it’s a public holiday, I can’t use my sister’s computer much because, of course, she wants to use it. So, for my weekly Weddology post, I’ve decided to show you what I already have close at hand: our relationship in pictures. We’ve taken these within a period of three years (oh, my! 3 years!!! And I’m still here). It’s not a wedding post, but “us” is the reason why I’ve started this little section in my blog, AND we're getting married soon, so there you go.

Cute pictures
These ones are from David's two first trips to Buenos Aires

I don't know what we were looking at, haha

In California

At Pechanga, a casino/hotel
Santa Monica

David's latest trip to Buenos Aires

Funny series
God, I have big teeth!
We were in a cab when we took these ones

My sister and David vandalizing Recoleta's cemetery

I'm a gargoyle, in case you haven't noticed

Wearing David's glasses

Goodbye ones
Sad moments :(

Yes, I cry (a lot) every time we have to say goodbye :(

Soon, we won't have to say goodbye anymore :)