September 29, 2010

Weddology: lingerie

I’ll spice things up a little and get a bit kinky this time, because who DOESN’T hide a pervert inside? Right?

So, the topic is lingerie! I’ve chosen 5 Argentine designers because I think the quality and the design of our products is amazing; and also because I'd like you to meet them (in case you don't already).

She is the very first one in my list because she's not only my dear friend, but also an awesome crafteswoman.
Seriosuly, she's the only designer which offers original designs and quality at affordable prices. And her store is the most beautiful one in town.
She also has a blog, you can visit her and see what she does here.

Their designs are sassy and the fabrics used exquisite.

I love these panties!

I've never purchased anything from them, but whenever I walk by their sotre, I can't help coming in. I really like the way the items are presented and wrapped.

This store is quite hidden in the neighborhood of Palermo, but if you do find it, you should definitely ring the bell and get lost in their idyllic universe.

I haven't bought anything from them for a long time; but as far I can recall, you can get good deals during the sales.
I particularly like their cute and comfortable panties.

If you saw something you want to buy but are far away from Buenos Aires city, go check their sites because some of them offer an on-line purchasing system.


Marisa Garcia said...

Me gustaron mucho el de arriba de todo y la bombacha rosa con corazon, pero los negros con rosa tambien estan lindos, y los negros lisos tambien... Y me gustaron los de Burdel... Jajajajaaa, todos! Decision dificil!
Besos =)

Poison Oak said...

Jane Pain ads are really saucy!

Audacious Allure said...

I love Susila Tantrik's stuff the best. It's ultra feminine yet have a bit of a whimsical quality to the designs.

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

I love cute underwear!! Have so many crammed into my draw, lol. I really like that last ones, they are just cute and flirty, but not great as wedding attire I suppose. Jane Pain's are very naughty so I love them too!! lol!

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lyzi said...

such cute underwear!!! thank you for stopping by my blog :D

Alice said...

Wow! I love the first lingerie set. Very cute!:)
Ouh and thank you sooo.. much for the great comment on my Blog!!!
xx, Alice from bells and whistles
Ps: And if you want to follow my Blog I would be so glad!:)

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

cute stuff all around!

Percy Owl said...

Haha I love how 'to-the-point' lingerie is sometimes - like a zipper in the crotch? Wonder what that's for...
I'm like a child honestly, I may never grow up :P
But I do like thos bras with a sort of half-corset. They really intrigue me and I'd love to have one!!
These are all quite different, so I suppose it depends on what you really really love.