September 22, 2010

Weddology: hair

I keep wondering what to do with my hair. I like it short, but lots of my friends have been telling me to keep it grow for a change. The reason why I decided to have it cut a while ago was to change a little; but it’s true, I’ve had it like that for 2 years, so having it long for a bit isn’t a bad idea. The thing is that I miss how easy it was not to care of my hair at all! I had forgotten what to use a hair dryer or a flat iron was like. And now that I’m getting married, it’s reached a length where it’s not short nor long, which I hate.

I’ve been wondering what to do with it the big day and the wisest option I’ve found is to have a very simple hairdo (maybe nothing at all, just have it straightened) and wear some kind of hair appliqué to lighten the look up. I’ve found lots of cool clips and hair bands on Etsy. I can’t go too crazy with colors since my dress is dark blue (plus, if I get something on Etsy, I won’t have the chance to try it on first to see if it matches the dress), so I’ve decided to stick to neutral colors such as white, black and silver. I’m posting some colorful pieces, just because I like them, but I don’t think I’ll get any of them for my wedding day.

So, these are my favorite Etsy finds:

This is probably my favorite one; it's small, simple and classy.

This one's kind of cool, too.
Do you think it matches a 50's looking dress?

I kind of fancy this black and white clip as well.

OMG! I love these two so much! But for USD 600 each, I think I'll pass (until I'm rich and can spend my money on banal things).
Go through these Etsy sellers; they have a wide variety of hair accessories at reasonable prices (except for Liaison, haha; but it's totally worth checking their site)


Ashley Sisk said...

Those are all beautiful. I grew my hair out for my wedding and have left it long but I would love to have short hair right now (my husband begs me to keep it long a little longer).

cecilia olive said...

it's hard to tell without seeing the dress, especially the color.
i like the one you say is your favorite, seems simple and elegant and quite neutral.

TILDITA said...

Estan todos lindos, pero el que mas me gusta es el de los corazones rojos! Super original!
Cariños =)

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Im all for pretty wedding headpieces. Mine is on my blog somewhere if you wanna see it. just click the wedding tag. It was an art deco diamante piece. I was so happy with it. Love the delicate little white petal ones that you like. Think they would look really great on you. I decided to grow my hair before out wedding so I could get it pinned up and it would look more sleek. My hair had been in a short bob for 2 years before too. But now I am loving my longer hair so decided to grow it longer.

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Oh, My Darling said...

Wow, all of these hair accessories are great! I love the first one especially for a wedding.

BuenoBueno said...

i love hair accessories on the big day! that way you can have a simple hair do (side pony, side bun) and it still looks classy and special!


maybe i will do a post on wedding hair that i have done?

thanks for the inspiration! whens your wedding?

Zuzi said...

for a wedding day, I would probably choose something very simple, like a headband and curly/wavy hair. I'm not a fan of complicated hairstyles. that says, I pretty much like your collection here! ;)
I think you will be a wonderful bride, no matter which headband you choose. ;)

Ashley said...

these are all really pretty MIki. I'm sure whatever you do will be beautiful, you have really great taste, despite what your sister says :)