September 10, 2010

Villa Ocampo

I didn’t go to the country this week because the president of the company I work for passed away on Tuesday. My eyes look much better now, so I decided to enjoy the lovely day. I dealt with paperwork in the morning and then rewarded myself with some good tea at Villa Ocampo, Victoria Ocampo’s house.

Victoria Ocampo was a well-known Argentine writer who happened to live in a lovely house with an extensive garden. This place is now a museum which also has a tea house and a library and it’s only 10 blocks from my house; my mom had always wanted to go, but unfortunately, she never had the chance to. I went there for the first time not so long ago, and decided to visit it again today. Too bad it’s not permitted to take pictures inside the house because its rooms are just awesome. I did take a few outside and I also recorded two videos in response to Ashley's post =).

Please, don’t laugh at my funny accent (or face, ha!)
I recorded the first video in the gazebo over there.

I ordered a cup of spicy tea and scons.
They leave you alone so you can stay as long as you want.
There's a bell you can ring when you need the employee to come, haha.
Here's my second video. Again, please don't laugh at me!
I'd have recorded a couple more, but I ran out of battery =/.

I had my tea and read for a while.
Then the sky turned gray and it started to rain ... again.

It was a good day; hope yours was too!
Have a great weekend! =)


Ashley said...

awwww! miki your accent is sooooo cute! Why were you worried about your english, it sounds perfect to me. I should know, I am kind of an expert seeing as english is the only language I speak.

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Hey Miki, I'm feeling a little better now, still achy and tablets still making me feel sick but better than yesterday! Today I learnt to make origami cranes and butterflies plus fabric roses. So it was a good day in that sense. This place looks amazing by the way!

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Anonymous said...

Great! I want to go here, I find so cool the idea of being left alone and getting a bell to call for help, ha ha. I hate to be surrounded by strange people, even if they are the waiters...