September 23, 2010

Three more checks; almost there!

This morning I went to pick up my X-ray and blood test results and, thank God, everything looked fine (as far as I could peek). This is my “Yay-I-don’t-have-syphilis” face (that was what the blood test was for).

Later on, I had a visa picture taken and after that, the BIG appointment, the one with the doctor. I was so nervous when I entered into the clinic that I felt I was going to shit my pants (literally). But a few seconds after I sat down in the waiting room, I noticed that the radio was on and, as if by magic, “California” by Lenny Kravitz started playing! I took that as a sign, grinned and felt a little more comfortable. After an extensive questionnaire and some physical examination, the doctor informed me that I’d passed the medical check-up, hooray!

I don’t know if it was a celebration, but in the evening I met my sister for … tea? Well, that was the original idea; however, our plan changed slightly the last minute when we bumped into a deli store with a huge “fondue” poster on its door, haha.

My first experience with cheese fondue was good!


So, the next step now is to take all the documents to the US Embassy and wait for them to call me for the final interview.
Am I scared? I'm freaked out! But happy, happy, happy =D.


Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

Yayyyy fondue is my favorite meal and it's typical swiss :)))

Miki's scrapbook said...

Oh, I didn't know fondue was Swiss! I was afraid I was going to feel the alcohol in it (alcohol only goes in one place for me: glasses), but it tasted GREAT! The one we chose was made with three different kinds of cheese, I think brie and goudard, can't remember well.

milk overdose said...

so yummy! cheese is my favorite one! <3
now about the post: no, thank god no! but wasn't far away from here, about 4 hours by car, so fuckin' weird! must be the apocalipse comin'.. :p

milk overdose said...

btw..ur blog looks different! cool :)
i would love to see my badge here too! would u like to make a link exchange?

Naka said...

the deli store looks amazing and yaya for being healthy and well !

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Yay, youll be in the US in no time!! Cheese fondue is lovely!!

hiven said...


Ashley said...

Yay!! One step closer. Good luck on your interview... it sounds nerve racking!

Devi Pope said...

I'm getting all excited! I have to fix the house up before you get here! Haha! Well, you know it's pretty much all done, but there are a few little things here and there. Like, I'm sure you'd feel a lot better if the bathroom doors had handles and locks on them, right? Haha! Anyway, I'll be taking care of a few things today.

As for the video...he looks SO bad with his hair like that. Haha! Oh, and yes, I have heard that song before. It got played on the radio long enough for me to actually hear it. Hehe! =P