September 04, 2010

Spread the love

This week’s post in the country is a special one; it’s dedicated to Melissa and her “Spread the love” initiative.

I recently found out about it and her blog; I thought it was a cool idea to do things to show people that they’re loved and I got even more interested when I discovered why she had conceived these series of posts. In brief, she had a horrible violent episode and since it’s been a year of it now, she decided to commemorate it with the exact opposite concept: love. If you want to read the complete story told by Melissa, you can find it here.

So what’s the first thing that comes to you mind when you think about love?
Right: hearts. I took a few pictures of them at the hotel.

I liked the way candles looked, so I took a few more.
GIF animations generator

As for my spreading the love task, strangers were my target.

I had some remaining rosettes with positive messages I’d made a long time ago for strangers, too.
You can see these two old posts by clicking this link and this one.
I'd made lots of them and never delivered them all. I thought this was the right opportunity to use them.
I hid them in my hotel room so that the cleaning ladies could find them.

I also hid one in the company I work for twice a week, there in Saladillo.

I seized the photopier during my lunchbreak (when most employees were out for lunch).

This is what the photocopy looked like.
I left it face down so that the next person grabbed it with his/her own bunch of copies.

I really hope to have cheered up the people who found these messages.
And I hope you liked this post, Melissa! =)

And before I leave, let me show you this nice video and song by Jorge Drexler.
It's about a series of events connected with one another; basically, the message is that you get what you give.
I don't know, I think it definitely has to do with this and I love the song.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Melissa said...

You did so many fun and love-filled things! How very sweet and whimsical of you!!!

I'll be sure to give you a little shoutout on Tuesday's spread the love wrapup post. Thanks again for doing this, it was so uplifting to read.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Miki you are so sweet! Your little messages are bound to have brightened up some peoples days. I love the hearts on the mirror and the candles they look really fun, I wish I had found them! lol!
I still haven't received your little letter, but am really looking forward to it! Hopefully it will get here soon!

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ce said...

you are awesome!!!
me encantaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

Kim-Anh Nguyen Art said...

Oh i didn't notice about my buttons!!! thanx for telling me, i just change it!!! hope it works now :-)))

Lillí said...

I wanna find one of those near here!

Anonymous said...

D'aww, these images are very sweet :) Especially the love ones.

Mamushka Marie said...

that is so cute, love this idea!

Anonymous said...

Muy lindo post! :-)
Qué bueno que te quedo el nuevo diseño!! Me gusta tu foto de perfil tb!! =)
xoxo Giselle

Rachele said...

Ah, how sweet!

Naka said...

i lveo the hearts in the mirror very cute themed post :3

cb said...

love love love the mirror idea, so sweet! i love melissa's blog too!


Jessica said...

I love this!

Mary Has Sound said...

Absolutely lovely. :-) I love the foam heart installations! So awesome! Go you!