September 06, 2010

A photo summary of my weekend

I feel I didn’t do much this weekend, but I had some fun action. On Saturday I went to another fashion show at the Sheraton; this one was by the students who attend classes in the fashion school where my sister works, so I got a place in the press section, which was fun. I finally understood that that is the only spot where you can get good pics of the models on the runway.

Here’s a selection of my favorite ones.

There were many parades with different themes;
these are some under the label "origami".

And these are bridal dresses.
This was my very favorite.
Its back was pretty too.

After the show, my sister and I had some pizza in a bar.
Yes, my sister had pizza and a latte!

Later on, I was supposed to go get some drinks with a friend, but I still haven’t got my paycheck and I my allergy was starting to bother me again, so I flaked out on her, which I HATE to do, but I’m glad I did; my eyes yesterday and today have been super bad =(. I still don’t know if I have conjunctivitis … they look nasty, grrr! So no pics of me, I don’t wanna scare you, haha.

Oh, and there’s one more. Yesterday two of my uncles decided to pop in unexpectedly at different times, so I had to improvise lunch and dinner, not to mention the occasional entertainment (a.k.a. chatting in my case; yes, I don’t speak much). So this is just a picture of my super quick lunch (spaghetti with tuna fish); no pics of the fish soup I made for dinner.

Hope you had a fun weekend!


Unknown said...

oh! what pretty photos! I love all the dresses!

Oh, My Darling said...

I love the origami inspired fashions!

Courtney said...

That actually sounds like a super awesome weekend!

Rachele said... and coffee. Actually sounds pretty good! I hope your eyes feel better soon.

Anonymous said...

your weekend kind of kicked my weekends ass

Bright Green Laces

Ashley said...

Amazing! That fashion show looks so fun! You are so lucky!!!

Miki you know I think you're awesome, but tuna and spaghetti?! Icky! :)

Hello Naka said...

yay for pizza ^^ i wish i could amke dresses like that they are pretty inspirational :3