September 07, 2010

Off sick

My eyes look even worse today than they did yesterday, so I decided to call off all my appointments (i.e. my classes and getting my paycheck, buaaaa! I’ll have to wait until Thursday). On a brighter note, the day has just begun so I’ll make the most of it and try to get work done asap so I don’t need to rush the last minute as I usually do. I’m filling in for my boss for three weeks, so I have classes with students I don’t know much about. It’s not easy to prepare classes for them, especially because I like to bring material I know they’ll be interested in, which takes a little research. It can be a pain in the neck, but it pays off.

All right, so I’m ready to start a very profitable day at home, but before I do, and in order to get inspiration, I need to post something pretty! 

Everybody (in the upper half of the world) is talking about fall and how excited they are about it. I’m sorry, but I hate low temperatures so I thank nature because spring is about to start here. Can’t wait to stop wearing thick clothes and my green Montgomery! This winter was particularly challenging because lots of my pretty winter clothes are already in David’s closet in California, so I had to manage to wear what was left here and buy a few things as well. Fortunately, I have my light clothes at home, so I won’t need to invest in clothes this season … Wait! That actually doesn’t sound good …

Oh, too long of a post for my taste already! I’ll move on to the pictures.

So these are some things I love.

I love the word “sale” displayed on store windows.

(Although I love taking advantage of it even more.)

And I’d love to wear all of these this spring.

Oops! It’s not so early any more! I’d better start reading!
Hope your eyes don't look like a frog's ... like mine!

Sorry if you saw this as a new post lots of times! The space between paragraphs was all messed up, don't know why.


Hello Naka said...

i lveo the colourful dress it hink it owuld brighten everyones day ^^ i hope your eye gets better :(

Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Hey miki thanks for the comment. I am very excited to finally get a proper piece published like that. Now I just need to get a few more in some other magazines!! Your letter arrived this morning!!!! Thanks so much, I loved it and shall be sending one back this week, when I get time to write it. I love my balloons!! I have a fun shoot in mind for them already! Plus my duck is very cute! thanks.
Hope you feel better soon

Oh, My Darling said...

Aw, hope you get better soon!

Rachele said...

SALE! Those are always beautiful words. I hope your eyes are feeling better! <3 Rachele

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

oh i don't know, but just copy and past into your blog? it works for me but i'm not so good at this :)