September 12, 2010

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Since I don’t usually have anybody to take pictures of me and I don’t have a tripod, I use mirrors a lot; in fact, I use them too much. Well, this time, I can say that I needed them. Actually, I, myself, didn’t; but the people who wanted to read my signs did.

I used magazine pictures and headlines, cardboard and glue to create posters with girls holding signs to be read in front of a mirror. Call me a retard, but to write the short words and phrases backwards was harder than it seemed! I didn't want to print the signs, so there were A LOT of letters I couldn't use, such as the "R", "S", "N" ... All the phrases I'd firstly thought of contain these letters, damn it! I couldn't write longer phrases due to this minor hindrance, but the signs came up all right, I think.

These are the materials I used.
I stuck the reverse words on pieces of cardboard.
Then I used glue to stick the signs on the pictures as if the girls were holding them.
What public places usually have lots of mirrors?
Restrooms! So I went to different cafés and put them in their restrooms.
I remembered this coffee store had lots of mirrors, so this was the first spot I went to.
I stuck the first poster on a mirror opposite the sink.
So when you washed you hands, you'd see something like this.

In this same place, I put another poster.
I didn't see anything weird in it as I was sticking it to the wall.
I took one shot facing the mirrors.
And then I noticed I'd stuck the sign incorrectly!
I guess you can "kiss" and "hug" people in either order, but you know, it's always "XOXO", hehe.

My next location was the branch of Seven Eleven that is inside my neighborhood's public library.
It had slim horizontal mirrors everywhere, but it was hard to place the poster in the correct place (i.e. so that people could read it)
I tried several places, but finally decided to put it on a wall, next to the mirror above the sink.

I also stuck one in Villa Ocampo's restroom, on the door.

And I used the last one yesterday at Sirop Folie.

I hope people "get it".
It's fun to do things to be discovered by strangers but I wonder whether they care at all ...

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Marie said...

i'd, for one, would love to walk into a restroom and see one of those signs, Miki

Hello Naka said...

this is pretty amazing! i heard of ppl leaving their knitting and poetry and all kinds of things to be discoved so cool :3

Rachel said...

This is great, such a sweet idea!

Devi Pope said...

Aside from all the fantastic things your super sexy brain comes up with, I love your jacket!

mkh said...

great idea!!
these are awesome! :)

Ashley said...

great idea as always! I swear you could fill a book with this stuff! I especially loved the cat tail that you hid!

muchlove said...

what a cool idea!

Jeniffer said...

i like takng picture from mirror

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

HA ha ha-I love it! Great idea!!!