September 22, 2010

La magnifique Kate Moss in 3D by “Another Mag”

Another Mag is one of my favorite online magazines ever. I say “online” because I’ve only had access to this version, but if you’re within the USA, you can go to the closest newsstand and get it in paper. It’s cutting edge, appealing to the eye, I don’t know, interesting.

In their current issue, they have featured Kate Moss, and they’ve come up with a nice 3D video (you get the 3D glasses with the magazine). Now, I don’t know why I like Kate Moss, maybe it’s because I like slender girls … or because she’s British, and I love the British … I have no idea; I’m one of the big bunch of Kate lovers, period. So if you like her, too, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this video as well as the pictures in the current issue of Another Mag.

If you don’t like Kate, you might still wanna take a look this website.

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