September 20, 2010

Game over

Without knowing it at the moment, this was my last stay at the hotel in the country (Saladillo). The company I work for in this location reduced its budget on English classes significantly a couple of months ago, so I was only going for 6 hours (compared with 12 hours not so long ago). I only kept going because my boss was on vacation, but I found out that she returned this weekend, so I guess there’s no point in sending me when she can take all the classes herself. It makes sense: she drives, so she can come and return the same day without paying for a hotel; and I’m leaving soon anyway and have plenty of things to prepare for my trip.

I will travel again to say my proper goodbies, but I'm sure I won't be spending another night at the cozy hotel. Oh, God! I've just realized I've never linked it! Silly me! It's called Hotel Bellesi and it's run by a super cool man, Daniel Bellesi. His daughter, Georgina, a total sweetheart, also works in this company I used  to work for.

It sucks to have taken these pictures without knowing I wasn't going to stay there anymore; I mean, I'd have prepared something more special! But, at least, I've found a very suitable title for this final post.

So this was what my room (number 16) looked like on Thursday night.
I got there past midnight, so everything was very quiet.

I must have slept deeply because I never heard anything, but the next morning ...
I found out that lots of Pac Men and ghosts had invaded my room!

I thought they were cute so I played with them a little before going to work.

Yes, these are my professional karate moves!
I bet you're scared of me now!
You should be!

I even found a couple behind the shower curtain.

It was fun to play with these colorful folks.
And it was certainly super fun to stay at this cozy little place once a week for over a year!
I'll certainly miss it and its employees!


Naka said...

ZOMG so cool i wish i was so original :3 cool photos and comfy looking room :3

Oh, My Darling said...

Aww, the Pac Men are sooooo cute!

pixelhazard said...
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pixelhazard said...

how cute are you! love that old school pacman

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Those are so cute MIki! And you are so funny!!

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Anonymous said...

Mhhh...i remember playing pac man all day long during my teen age days...:-)

Rai said...

aah this is so cute! thanks for all the lovely comments on my blog <3 xx

Courtney said...

Ugh! I LOVE old school video games! They own my heart.