September 27, 2010

Farewell Giveaway!

Farewell Giveaway
I’ve been meaning to offer a giveaway for a while; I’m leaving soon, so I thought that was a good reason to have one. What’s at stake is nothing ostentatious, but hopefully, some of you will find it interesting enough to be in.

So, what exactly are you getting if you win?

a.- A rucksack and a small purse by Valeria Nicali.

b.- A black acrylic brooch by Pebeta Teta.

c.- A Maneki Neko magnet by Imanias.

d.- A set of 4 "Toast-it" coasters by Oiti Design.

To participate you have to do two things:
1.- Be a public follower of this blog.
2.- Tell me what objects you couldn't leave your country without. (In case you were about to settle down in a foreign country, like me)

And, if you have tips on how to fly with a cat (because I'm taking Dimitri with me to the States!) or how to adapt to a new country, I'd LOVE to hear them! Thank you so much! =D

* I'll choose a winner randomly and announce it on October 10th.
* This giveaway is open internationally.


Flor said...

En España se consigue de todo con facilidad pero me costaría mucho viajar a algún lado sin una mat, una bombilla y yerba.

Qué lindo es todo lo que pusisteeee!!! Ojalá tuviera suerte.

Besos y gracias.

Marie said...

Mmmm me thinks I couldn't travel anywhere without my passport and my man. Everything else is accesory.
But, if I were to move, I'd take the cats of course!

Alice Jones said...

Such a cool giveaway! But I'm having difficulty thinking of anything I couldn't leave my country (NZ) without. I'd need my passport, obviously, but that's about it! I'm so desperate to travel that I'd happily set off overseas with just the clothes on my back :-)

Mínima said...

Qué lindas cosas, yo quiero!

No podría viajar sin mis kokeshis!

Yo viví un tiempo en España y sólo te puedo decir que la adaptación es difícil, que extrañás mucho la familia y amigos. Pero al final nada te quita la sensación de haber hecho lo correcto, de apañártelas por vos misma y de emprender una nueva vida junto al hombre que elegís. Por lo menos así fue para mí. Te deseo lo mejor.

Lillí said...

No podría dejar mi copia de "The Catcher in the Rye". Después te cuento tooodo lo que me pasó en los Estados. Comé muchos bagels por mi, porfa.

Unknown said...

Ahh, cute! I think I couldn't leave my country without my laptop, Violet... she is my baby c: or my stuffed toy polar bear my bf got me from Finland... x

Lillí said...

Oh, well... deberíamos juntarnos a tomar el té y te cuento con lujo de detalles el viaje y demases.

Ashley said...

I would never leave the country without my camera! But I am sure you are the same way! This is a lovely giveaway!

I hate that English is your second language yet you have a better vocabulary than I do :(

Taby Kislanov said...

onn what a cute giveaway! <3
well, let me think...i couldn't leave without my camera, my pink ipod, my favorite mechanical pencil (i have it since i was a kid), some favorite books and comics..jeez, i can't choose just a few things! oh..and my cat felix, of course. he goes where i go my best friend ever! :)

i don't know how they adapt to such a big change, never tried. but i guess he'll be ok dear! people do that all the time.


Chantele Cross-Jones said...

Enter me please! Its all so cute!
I couldnt leave the country without my honey! I'd just miss him too much!

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Cross-Jones-Photography Home
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Marisa Garcia said...

Yo me llevaria mi mate (con la yerba correspondiente, obvio!), todas las fotos que pudiera, "esos" libros inseparables, algunas de esas cositas (chucherias, bah!) que sin valor economico; me acompañan desde hace mucho y las amo, y (no te rías!) una bolsita con tierra de mi jardin; para plantar algo en MI tierra. Por si extraño!
Lo de Dimitri, creo que tendrías que hablarlo en la aerolínea. Mi prima volvió de Italia en el transiberiano, y no se entendía con las auxiliares; ella les pedía agua para la perrita y le traían sidra! Me imagino que ellos van a saber indicarte como hacer para que esté cómodo.
Y cuando llegues, creo que deberías dejarlo adentro por un buen tiempo, hasta que se acostunbre al nuevo hogar.
Besos =)

Alice said...

You're not a loser!:) I love your Blog and I would love to win this Giveaway. The black acrylic brooch is beautiful!:) Hmmm.. I think I couldn't leave my country without my camera and lots and lots of high spirits!:) Oh and now I'm a public follower of your lovely Blog! :)
xx, Alice from bells and whistles.

perica said...

yo deje un comment y no esta!!
decia que si podia irme sin mi hombre a cualquier lado, pero no sin mi mate como flor.

Anonymous said...

I'm moving country too in three weeks, and also trying to work out how to travel with not one but two cats! I would bring tea bags! Lots and lots of them! x

MEC... said...

Dulce de leche!! por lo menos para los primeros dìas! Para endulzar el cambio, que siempre es mejor.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't leave the country without my boyfriend because he supports me when I'm being a scaredy-cat about new things. Also, my favorite book, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, and my mother's small diary from the 70's. I'd probably eat some of my favorite local food before leaving, too, because I frequently experience homesickness through food!

Kim-Anh Nguyen said...

awesome i need so much this maneki neko magnet ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

oh and i couldn't leave the country without my boyfriend since we're doing everything together... can't be without him just a second... :-(

Rose said...

Hi there, im a new follower.
What a huge step your taking moving to a new country. Must be pretty exciting for you though.
I dont think I could ever leave the country without my boyfriend or my mum :)
I really love the brooch and coasters your giving away.


Chrissy said...

Hey Miki,

I couldn't have moved to the States without my hubby & my daughter Leonie & we also brought our dog Kyra! I can give you thousands of tips via email! Just let me know what you would like to know! Great giveaway! xxx

Margo Tinnin said...

Saw your comment over on Chrissy in America. I want to win!