September 16, 2010

Checked! Checked! Checked!

I’m happy to say that today I’m a bit more relieved. My skin looks terribly bad, as well as my eyes, but I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s all because of the pre-traveling/getting my visa stress. It hurts to put on moisturizing cream and I look like a monster. I wish I could leave my house with a brown paper bag with two holes to cover my face, but that’d probably attract more eyes.

So, let's better focus on the good things! I’m glad to have accomplished three new things this morning!
Eeeh, yes, this is me in the changing room waiting to be called for my X-ray.

After doing all that, I had breakfast in a lovely tea house called Chez Pauline.
My mom always used to take my sister and me somewhere nice after an appointment with the doctor, to get over the ugly experience, I guess.
Well, today, I wanted to do the same, so I visited Chez Pauline.
They sell great quality tea from all over the world as well as crockery.

I chose the "White Fujian Pai Mu Tan Imperial" tea.
Could it have had a longer name?!
It's just white tea from China.
I love this tea pot!
There were books about tea in that bookshelf.

And since I happened to be in Barrio Norte, my favorite neighborhood in Buenos Aires in terms of architecture; I grabbed my camera, aimed it up and took these pics so you get to know this city.

There are many roundabouts with pretty water fountains.

Whenever I'm in Barrio Norte, I can't help staring at the balconies and the different kinds of moulding.

There are some nice stores.

And of course there's also chaos closer to the widest avenue ... but I didn't care about it today =).
Let me know if you're ever coming to Bs As and I'll show you round the city!
... Well, if you do it before I take off! =P

And for this coming week, here's my checklist:
Oh, I totally forgot about the most scary item: to find out which of the 15 vaccines listed I need to get =(.

I'll try not to think too much about it during the weekend!

Hope your checklists are lighter than this one! Have fun!


Ashley said...

progress! The architecture there is stunning!

TILDITA said...

Si sabes mirar, la capiltal tiene unos recovecos impresionantes. Yo tambien me cuelgo mirando las molduras y las cupulas cuando voy al centro!
Me hiciste reir con la foto pre-rayos X! Eso es actitud!
Suerte con las vacunas... Tiemblo de solo pensarlo.
Buena semana =)

decomarce said...

muchas gracias por pasar a visitarme :)
Muy interesante tu blog!