September 20, 2010

Art exhibit at the racetrack

Hello, everybody! I missed being here but I had no access to a computer until now. I didn’t want to go too crazy this weekend, since my face is still recovering from all the allergies I’ve been having lately; however, I didn’t want to miss an art exhibit which was held at the racetrack not so far from my house.

Hundreds of artists (photgraphers, painters, plastic artists) took over the venue to display their pieces of work.
There were lots of artists performing live.

I wanted to take many objects and paintings home, but they were quite pricy.
I only took cards of the artists I really liked. These two pictures below are from Carol de Jong's stand. She was my very favorite artist.

This was my second favorite, Kilomba. (See two pictures below)
"Stepping on shit brings good luck". Haha.

Lots of cacti!

There were several displays all over the place.
This was made with bottle tops.

Visitors could paint on this old van.

Hope your weekend was fun, too!


Naka said...

thats so pretty funky shizz going on there! i wish I could ahve gone ^^

Jazzabelle said...

what an exciting event! i'd love to attend something like this! xx

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Wow some really cool paintings by the look of it. Did you make your mark on that bus??

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