September 30, 2010

I have a new/old sketchbook.

Yesterday night I decided to take an old sketchbook that belonged to my mom and claim it my own. It’s not one of her most precious belongings; it has no drawings, just one single tiny doodle (she was a drafter and a fashion designer, among other things). It’s funny, but ever since my mom passed away two years ago, whenever my sister and I find something she used to own, we want to hurry and make it ours. It’s like a race, whoever sees it first gets it. And there’s also the implicit rule that whoever gave that object to her as a present, that person has the right to have the thing back. Once we claim ownership of that precious good, we take it to our bedroom willing to treasure it forever just as it is, intact. Last night, however, I grabbed this sketchbook which had been sitting in a box for a long time, plucked up the courage and decided to use it. Its pages are yellow now, a bit worn out in some edges, but I love it. As you might already know, I can’t draw or paint, but I can’t kill this (sort of) artistic curiosity that I probably inherited from my mom, and every now and then, I try to let it arise shyly. Since I can’t draw or paint, I usually take what’s already out there (usually magazines). This time, I also used confetti and origami paper.

September 29, 2010

Weddology: lingerie

I’ll spice things up a little and get a bit kinky this time, because who DOESN’T hide a pervert inside? Right?

So, the topic is lingerie! I’ve chosen 5 Argentine designers because I think the quality and the design of our products is amazing; and also because I'd like you to meet them (in case you don't already).

She is the very first one in my list because she's not only my dear friend, but also an awesome crafteswoman.
Seriosuly, she's the only designer which offers original designs and quality at affordable prices. And her store is the most beautiful one in town.
She also has a blog, you can visit her and see what she does here.

Their designs are sassy and the fabrics used exquisite.

I love these panties!

I've never purchased anything from them, but whenever I walk by their sotre, I can't help coming in. I really like the way the items are presented and wrapped.

This store is quite hidden in the neighborhood of Palermo, but if you do find it, you should definitely ring the bell and get lost in their idyllic universe.

I haven't bought anything from them for a long time; but as far I can recall, you can get good deals during the sales.
I particularly like their cute and comfortable panties.

If you saw something you want to buy but are far away from Buenos Aires city, go check their sites because some of them offer an on-line purchasing system.

Blogging about blogging?

These days I haven’t been working much which has given me enough time to browse through lots of different blogs. I’ve realized that people who are at the bottom of the world (like me), are not aware of many things-dash-people that are apparently super awesome and popular up there. Yep, I think I’ve randomly ended up in blogs mostly from the US, the UK and other European countries, more than likely due to the fact that you (if you’re from any of the above listed) or they (if you’re below the Equator, like me) are better or more popular bloggers.

 * I’ve met (through pictures, not in person; I’m not that cool, obviously) characters such as:
Alexa Chung. Cute girl; I like her style. Just wondering, is she the new Zooey Deschanel?

And Tennessee Thomas. Again, cute girl. Love her stockings.

* I noticed that there are lots of brands we don’t have down here that seem to be huge in their home countries, such as Steve Madden, Forever 21, Top Shop, H&M.

* I finally discovered the name of the program (or website) which lets you jumble up your favorite outfit; that’s Polyvore, I’m sure you’d all heard about it before I did. I created an account, but gave up on it 2 minutes after I got it because I couldn’t find any of my favorite independent designers, haha.

* Most of the blogs I’ve read and (usually read) are in English, so I’ve picked up lots of cool words, which, to my surprise, were repeatedly used by different bloggers: pet peeveoblivion (this is a cool one!), touché (still not sure I can get its proper usage) … Damn it! I should’ve written them down.

* The suffix “_ish” is highly used (italicized because I’m not sure it fits the category of suffix in this case. I don’t want to bore you, but in words such as “Finnish”, “Spanish”, it is indeed a suffix). But truth to be told, I’d learnt this before thanks to David, hehe. (Addressing non-native speakers of English now) You can even use it to refer to the time! For example, “Nine-ish” would be “some time a little earlier or after 9”. I don’t think we have an equivalent in Spanish.

* I’ve never been good at spelling onomatopoeia in English, but “eek” and “whoa” will remain fresh in my mind for a while. They sound cute, but I can not picture myself saying them aloud. As a non-native speaker of English there are certain words I feel super shy saying: “hepatitis”, “hiatus” to name a couple.

Oh, what a piece of shit post! Haha! I feel as if I’d been thinking aloud the whole time, sorry. This wouldn’t have happened if I’d been having a face to face conversation; I don’t talk this much.

End of post.

Oops! I'd forgotten to name the source of the pictures!
Both found here.

September 27, 2010

Farewell Giveaway!

Farewell Giveaway
I’ve been meaning to offer a giveaway for a while; I’m leaving soon, so I thought that was a good reason to have one. What’s at stake is nothing ostentatious, but hopefully, some of you will find it interesting enough to be in.

So, what exactly are you getting if you win?

a.- A rucksack and a small purse by Valeria Nicali.

b.- A black acrylic brooch by Pebeta Teta.

c.- A Maneki Neko magnet by Imanias.

d.- A set of 4 "Toast-it" coasters by Oiti Design.

To participate you have to do two things:
1.- Be a public follower of this blog.
2.- Tell me what objects you couldn't leave your country without. (In case you were about to settle down in a foreign country, like me)

And, if you have tips on how to fly with a cat (because I'm taking Dimitri with me to the States!) or how to adapt to a new country, I'd LOVE to hear them! Thank you so much! =D

* I'll choose a winner randomly and announce it on October 10th.
* This giveaway is open internationally.

September 26, 2010

Sunday breakfast at Helena Resto

Unlike most Sunday mornings, today I woke up early and invited my sister to have breakfast at Helena Resto, a cool place I’d visited once earlier this year. I love this place because it’s comfortable, the menu is great (especially for breakfast, light snacks and pastries) and the prices are very reasonable. Till 12PM and after 4PM, there are special combos which are particularly interesting.

It was pretty packed when we first got there, so we sat at a long table to share with strangers, but fortunately, we didn’t have to.
As we started reading the menu, I noticed that a live version of “Lazy Line Painter Jane” by Belle & Sebastian was playing! What a great welcoming tune! I asked the waiter who’d had the great idea to play that song by this band, but he never understood what the hell I was talking about, haha.
My sister ordered scrambled eggs and I got some super fluffy and yummy waffles (this was my very first time eating real waffles).

The deco is simple, kind of rustic, very welcoming.

Me wearing white? Yes, a very unusual Sunday.
(Love the color, I just don't think it suits me ok)

Bathroom pics (can't help myself).

You can get condoms here.
There are lots and lots of magazines to read next to the window.

After such a good breakfast, we started walking and window shopping.

Hope you're all having a great Sunday, too!