August 07, 2010

Thank you, Ashley!

This past week I got a wonderful envelope from Ashley! Look at all the lovely things she sent.

I love everything! I can tell she knows me well already, haha. I finally know what the bands are, so sweet!

The panda bear she made is just perfect, I named him Gideon. I'm glad he didn't have to travel alone all the way to Buenos Aires in the envelope. He came with a very good buddy of his. They became friends with my shoe bears immediately.

Gideon seems a little more adventurous, so I took him with me to the country.
He didn't mind waking up early in the morning and reading the news to me while I had some coffee.

He enjoyed the three-hour ride there.

He visited some old decorative mills in the hotel.

He wanted to watch the foggy dawn.

He stayed there until the sun rose completely.

I think he really likes diving!

I introduced him to Dimitri and they became good friends right away.

Dimitri let him ride him and everything.

I also took him to Val's house so that he could meet Noel ...

and Soki.
So, as you can see, Ashley, Gideon's being taken care of; I believe he's happy here :).
Thank you so much, again, for eveything!


Cherry Red Studio said...

aw how cute! looks like he had fun :)
ashley makes great stuff

Thera Joyce said...

Oh my gosh! I love my packages from Ashley. She always knows exactly what to send.

ce said...

you are truly inspiring! i love the way you look at the world, and how you share that with everyone here. :-)
I love how you take the time to make your hotel rooms interesting with your decorations, and how you seem to go around your business always being able to "play" and have fun!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

Gideon is so cute!!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Stopping by to say hello - I love how you've taken your new goodies, in particular Gideon and taken photos all over the place. Love it!

Ashley said...

I love this post soooooo much! I am glad gideon found a great home! I am sorta jealous that he has so many new kitty cat friends! That diving picture is absolutely adorable!!!

elatsyrk said...

What a pretty package!

b. said...

gideon is one cool panda :)

just stumbled on you via daisy dayz (im the bethan who made the surprise ball), love the blog :)