August 23, 2010

Sunday brunch at Tartine

Sunday was a good day. I didn’t have stamina to go too crazy so Val and I started the day with a nice and quiet brunch at Tartine. This is one of the many independent cafés located in Palermo, one of Buenos Aires’ hottest spots for fashion and design (Palermo Soho) and food and drinks (Palermo Hollywood).

I’m quite obsessed with going to bars and cafés that are not chains and with having coffee served in an actual cup or mug, not a paper one. I don’t understand why the current trend is to have everything “to go”. Isn’t it nicer to have your coffee or tea in real English china? I know that sometimes you can’t take the time to sit down and sip your beverage as slowly as you’d like to, but it’s great to have the chance to do it once in a while.

So, one of my goals while I’m still in Buenos Aires is to visit as many independent cafés, bars and restaurants as I can. There are lots of hidden little places to visit; I’m sure I won’t have the time (or the budget!) to cover them all, but I’ll do my best. I’ll keep a record of all the nicest places here in my blog and Tartine is the very first one!

Tartine, located at 1488 Arevalo street, is impossible to miss.

All of its outdoor walls are red; but indoors, they're white.
There are individual tables (i.e. for one to four people) and there are tables to share with strangers.
There are magazines and books on big shelves. The decoration is neat and simple.
Val and I chose the Sunday brunch menu, which consited of scrambled eggs, anything from the buffet (cold cuts, salad, salad fruit, bread), tea, orange juice (we could've had wine too)

... and a muffin and "pain du chocolat" (can't remember if that's how you spell it)

The pastries were displayed on the counter.

And this is the buffet. There weren't many things to choose, but it was all right.

There is a private area you can book for private meetings.
I love, love, love pretty restrooms! And this one was certainly pretty.

The food was good, the service was ok and the place was lovely. What else could we have asked for?
We left the place with a happy heart and a full stomach.
I'm definitely coming back one day and I totally recommend it to locals and foreigners.

Hope you had a nice weekend, too!
Our adventure continued until late, but I'll post those pictures later.


Anonymous said...

"Pain au chocolat" is the correct spelling :)

cecilia olive said...

i love love love sunday brunch!!!!!!

Ashley said...

are those illustrations from alice in wonderland? How beautiful! You are so lucky to live in such an interesting place. We don't have anything like this around here :(

Miki said...

Thank you, Giselle! Can you tell I don't speak any French at all? Haha.

Ceci, you go to Tartine whenever you have the chance! And to Felicidad, too. You'll love both places :).

Ashley, yes! They are allustrations from Alice in Wonderland! =) You should definitely come to Buenos Aires with Zach before I leave so I can show you round the city! =D

Rachele said...

You go to the cutest places!