August 02, 2010

Reviving old accessories

Whenever I ask my sister “do you think I look ok in these clothes?”, she often stares at me in astonishment and replies, “You’re overdoing everything! You’re mixing patterns that aren’t meant to go together; your shoes are totally inappropriate for the outfit you’ve chosen and the bag …” (Usually, “.. the baaaaaag …”). Oh, and let’s not forget the speechless expression of total repugnance, which has taught me that an ugly face is worth more than a thousand words.

 And I hate to admit it, but 99% of the times she’s right. She works in a fashion school, which I suppose, gives her some authority when it comes to judging people’s outfits, what’s in and what’s out … Hey, does anybody still use the words “in” and “out”? See?! I can’t even come up with the right terms to describe fashion!

Anyways, in an attempt not to “overdue it”; I’ve been trying to tone it down as much as I could. I’ve come to the conclusion that I need to wear some more “basic” (i.e. “boring”) pieces when I choose to wear some item that stands out a lot. I tend to buy lots of colorful and funny-shaped objects that are almost impossible to match with each other, which is not very profitable.

Mind you, this is only an approach I’m adopting for my working clothes. When I go out, I don’t give a shit and put on whatever I feel like wearing, haha.

So, these are the accessories I’ve been wearing one at a time.

I love this necklace by Vados del Isen, but I've only worn it two or three times.

A sober bag by Puro
A black hair band.
Horses and pink ribbons by AY not dead

I'd never worn this pin before and I've had it for 5 years.

A giant bag by Objeto. I love it but yeah, it's impossible to match.
I loved this belt by Huija when I saw it, but I feel weid wearing it.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

OMG those first 2 items are so great. Love the B&W bag, its so nice. Daisy Dayz Home

milk overdose said...

uh that first bag is amazing! the plaid detail, so cute! <3

Ashley said...

I love your crazy cool style! That horse necklace is pretty awesome!

babalisme said...

The necklace is uber cool! Sisters or not, wear it more often.

Miki's scrapbook said...

Thank you, girls! I'll keep wearing everything. I should get more basic clothes in different colors, though. I've only been wearing black =/.

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Hey Miki, My giveaway is indeed international so you have been entered. But just so you know I'm not English! I'm Welsh! and it doesn't go down well when you call us Welsh, English, we don't like it due to bitter rivalry, but I shall let you off, lol. Daisy Dayz Home

Miki's scrapbook said...

Haha! Oh, my God! I'm so sorry! =O

daisymay aka Chantele said...

I't ok, I shant take offence! I will take some picture of wales for you!! Daisy Dayz Home

elatsyrk said...

I like the last belt the most

jordanaa said...

very pretty! i like the last belt as well!

and all the colours cute blog!