August 03, 2010

Oh, deer!

I collect free postcards, you know, those ones available in pubs, restaurants and discos. I grab them compulsively because in my mind, one day I’ll do something great them. So far, I’ve only used them to decorate my bedroom door and walls, to write little messages but nope, I haven’t done anything great with them.

There are a few that I particularly like because they bring a picture of a deer and they are stickers. Last night, I accidentally saw them on my desk and “Oh, deer!” came to my mind (yes, I was bored, in case you’re wondering). I took some pink and turquoise doilies I’d bought earlier this week, some glitter and markers  and I began working on these super silly signs.

By the way, I was mean this time, don’t you believe me? Look!

I stuck them in different clothing stores.

I hate it when sales assistants speak with that annoying stuck-up tone!

In a coffee store.

In a public bathroom.

Here’s a picture with the materials I used: some doilies, makers, stickers and glitter.


muchlove said...

lol, your signs are hilarious! Very creative too!

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

hahaha! because of you i just want to try it the next time i'm going to the town :p

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Lol you are so funny! I would love to come across one of these. Although not in the pub i work. hehe! Daisy Dayz Home

Regan said...

How cute!! :) xoxo

Estefany said...

These are adorable! I love them =)

ce said...

me encantaaaaaaaa esto que hacés de tus proyectos!!
los adoro!!!
me encantaría emularte algún día (jamás podría), pero más me gustaría encontrarme algún día con alguna de tus creativas ideas!!!

yo también colecciono postales, no se bien porque corno.
Tenia tantas pero tantas que hace un tiempo me raye mal y tire todas las que eran publicidades y/o que no me gustaban y me quede solo con las estéticamente bellas.
creo que algún día espero tener en mi casa una pared entera empapelada con ellas... too much???

Ashley said...

Miki you're so awesome! You should write a book, seriously, full of all the things you leave behind. :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Awe, thank you so much for dropping by! =D

Oh, Daisy, I hope you don't find any in your pub, haha =O. Btw: I could really use a pint of Guinness right now.

Ce: gracias, niña! Sí, sí, ponete vos tb a hacer algo así! =) Hacer boludeces es mi relax, haha.