August 26, 2010

My kind of graffiti

As I’ve said it several times, I can’t draw or paint or sew; I just take what’s available out there (i.e. already designed) and sometimes change it. I’m obsessed with cutting all the pretty or interesting pictures I see in every single magazine that gets to my hand. I keep those pieces of paper in a box and every now and then, when I have an idea, I open the box and use them.

A couple of months ago, I grabbed a few complete pages I’d torn out and started making some collages (so to call them) as I did other things with paper; I never finished those until last week. I took photos of people I’d set side, cut some other pics and stuck them to these pages. This is a picture I’d taken back then.

Once finished, I stuck them on random walls in town.

Ok, it's time to go to work!
Have a great day, everyone! =)


Thera Joyce said...

Those are awesome Miki! You're so creative!

Ashley said...

I love these! I could totally see these pictures with your collages in a gallery!

babalisme said...

Hi Miki, have you received my email regarding your two lovely nieces to be?

and also a surprise for you down at my blog!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Lol these are great. So funny that you posted them around town, it would have been funny to stand back and watch passerby's and see how they react to them.

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