August 17, 2010

Long weekends are dangerous

Why, you may ask? Well, whenever a long weekend is approaching, I tend to write to do lists that are twice as long as the regular ones I make for a two-day weekend. That would fine if I were able to check at least a few items; but they’re a complete waste of time. If only I were not so prone to lazing about all day!

And not only that, I’ve been a bad girl in terms of fashion, too (which I usually am, anyways, but this was amusing). It was funny to find myself reading one of Chantele's posts about, among other things, how horizontal stripes suit hardly anybody and agreeing to those statements; and, when I looked at myself, hello!, I was wearing a striped sweater and striped leg warmers! And, could I have chosen a worse kind of stripe? No, the thick one! Truth to be told, I only wore that sweater once or twice because it didn’t take much to come to my senses and stop punishing people’s eyes for no reason. I do think that slender girls look great in striped patters, though, but stripes are not for a chubby girl like me.

Aside from all that, I used the computer day and night. It was fun to look into people’s blogs in detail, but I admit I should’ve spent more time trying to catch up with my check-list. It would’ve been all right if that had been all I did with such a useful device, but, no, no, no … I couldn’t help opening Etsy and other on-line stores and indulge myself with a tiny amount of stationery and other stuff, oh …

Those post-it notes are awesome! I got all this (and some stickers too) at Ginko Paper. I’m particularly excited about this package because it’s the first purchase I’ve made that will be sent to my new home in the US! I’ve asked David to take a picture of it when he gets it; I’ll  post that picture later if he does.

The guy or girl (Sorry for my ignorance, is "Garin" a girl or boy name?) e-mailed to say the package had been delivered and added, "I can tell you like cats", haha.

So, ok, Ginko Paper and, oh, yes, Esty! I bought a couple of "lace appliques", that's what the designer calls them at $3 to $7! I totally reccomend checking MaryNotMartha's store, you'll find lots of cool and cheap things to give your clothes a distictive touch.

Thank God I got a text from my friend and lingerie desingner Giselle asking me if I wanted to meet her for coffee! I honestly couldn't have afforded more online shopping. So I moved my fat ass from the chair in front of the computer, got dressed and left home.
We went to a café called Guaresnei (5802 Nicaragua, Palermo, Bs As).

We had plans to go somewhere else but it was closed, so we walked a few blocks and found this charming place.

I like this sink.
I'd love to post more pics of Giselle, but I haven't got her approval yet, hehe.

It was the perfect closure to a lazy, striped and money wasting long weekend. 


Anonymous said...

Me encanto el almanaque del gato, donde lo comprastes, te salio muy caro????...Muy lindo tu blog, besos (Larita)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Hola, Larita! Gracias! Lo compré en Ginko Paper, tenés el link debajo de esas fotos. No recuerdo el precio porque compré varias cosas juntas. No debe haber salido muy caro porque si no, no lo hubiera comprado, haha. Si tenés dificultad para encontrarlo en el site, avisame y lo busco yo.


Desde my ventana said...

Me ha encantado ,visitaré el link,

Kim-Anh Nguyen ART said...

Hey Miki!

Thank you so much for your purchase, i will send them tomorrow :-)))
Hope you will enjoy them!!!

Giselle Schwerdtfeger said...

Hola Miki!! Todavía estoy pensando en el panqueque de manzana!! Qué rico!! :-)

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Hello Miki, you look like you have had a nice day! Chilling! Hope you met your deadline today. I love both those shops you mentioned! Might have to invest in a nice lace applique. Lol so funny about the stripes! You look cute in them though! I have really brittle teeth meaning they crumble easily, its a genetic thing, but it means i have lots of trouble. The removal wasn't too painful but I am still having pain now and my other wisdom tooth is coming through as well so Im quite unhappy about that, ah well. Speak soon. Daisy Dayz Home

ce said...

you are NOT a chubby girl
and you should embrace and enjoy your laziness... afterall procastinators are the leaders of tomorrow!


Ashley said...

I love love love your tights. You are no where near what I would consider chubby. I think everyone imagines themselves to be bigger than they actually are.

Sixtine Baudelaire said...

what a nice blog :D
i have a fashion site if you want :)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Thank you, girls. My weight has always been an issue but I'm doing better now. Nevertheless, I still can't bear the idea of putting on a bathing suit; I haven't worn one for ... OMG, 17 years! Time passes by so quickly!

Maria said...

I love your striped sweater! where did you get it?