August 24, 2010


Felicidad ("happiness" in Spanish) is a cozy and charming tea house located in Cañitas (887 Migueletes street); another neighborhood in Buenos Aires which is known for its restaurants and nice stores. I’d been longing to see it for myself ever since I saw a picture of it in a magazine, and last Sunday I had the chance to go with Val. We went there for tea after a visit to the Japanese Garden, where we saw the “Dondoh Matsuri” (fire ceremony).
Here are a few pics we took at the Japanese Garden.

A few taiko players played their instruments during the ceremony.
You can barely see them, they're on the brigde.
A girl dressed in a kimono lighted the pieces of wood on the raft.
Each one of them contained wishes people had asked for.
They're burnt in order to wake the Earth God and ask him for prosperity and abundance.

Felicidad was the perfect closure to a lovely day. It looks quite small, but it's a two-story building and they also have some tables outside.

They serve tea in English china, which you can aslo purchase.

The décor is simple and cute.

This is the way to the second floor.

And this is what you first see when you get there, a cute door that leads to the men's room.
All these pictures above were taken from Felicidad's Facebook page.

All the pictures below were taken by me.
The menu and the table mats are adorable.
The waiters wear T-shirts with a happy face on the back.
That same happy face is on every single napkin.
We ordered two different kinds of tea blends and a salmon sandwish.
They have a wide variety of tea blends from different parts of the world and a vast list of meals and pastries.
Before we left, we played with some of the many mirrors displayed all over the place.

There was a scary mask on the way down.
When we left, it wasn't as crowded as when we got there.
You should definitely go check this place when you come to Buenos Aires!
And if you live in Buenos Aires, what are you waiting for? =)


daisymay aka Chantele said...

That little tea house looks amazing!

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ce said...

What am i waiting for!??? me encanto!!!!!!!

roadrunner said...

Cool pictures :) Looks nice!

val said...

Yes! Let's go here again, Miki! I loved it ^ ^
...but I already told you that, he he.