August 14, 2010

Buddha ba + BleuBird Vintage

It was bound to be a good day. Firstly, I got the vintage denim dress I’d bought from  BleuBird Vintage a while ago. Secondly, I found some cat printed stockings and cool tape to play with. Thirdly, I met a friend of mine, we went to the China Town and had some yummy tea at Buddha ba.
Naturally, I wore my new slash old dress; but unfortuntaley, I don't look as good as the model in it. I've realized that either the dress is longer than expected ... or I'm just shorter than I believed.

So, I met Ceci, we walked a lot, bought a few things and headed for Buddha ba. This is a tea house and restaurant which also has an art gallery on its second floor.

The tea house is beautiful. It looks ancient and modern and it's Asian and Western at the same time. Unlike what anyone would believe, these four cohere in full harmony.

I had a cup of delicious cardamom tea and Cecilia didn't feel like experimenting with new flavors, so she decided to have the regular kind.

There were cool flowers everywhere.

We also peeked at the art gallery upstairs.

There was some delightful furniture.

And there were many "sumi-e" pictures.

I absolutely recommend visiting this place.

Oh, and a minor detail, once again, my choice of matching footwear was a complete disaster, eeeh ...


Ashley said...

it looks like such a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

I think you look lovely in your dress and I definitely approve the footwear choice! Looks cute in a weird-ish way!
However... you wrote about the tea but ommitted the cake!! ;-)))


Thera Joyce said...

That place is beautiful! I love the new dress and it looks great on you. The stockings are super cute!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Love the light and the buddha. That dress is cute too!! It is 1.19am on Monday morning here! Glad you liked the article, it feels so true to many women I think, that stripes just dont work on most of us! Daisy Dayz Home

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Ah me and the hubby are late night people, we are currently catching up on some LOST episodes. I don't ever have an early wake up really. I have to meet my mum and sister for dinner at around 11.30 so not really early! Hope you have a nice day tomorrow, reward yourself for just being you! If you ever fancy sending me a letter I can give you my address. Tight hugs back Cx

maggeygrace said...

WOW. I really wish I could just go out and about downtown and go to cool places like this. In my town...there are like, three coffee houses and no museums. No restaurants...nothing. Haha :) It's sad.

Enter my giveaway if you wanna! $100 value, 5 dresses :) It ends soon!


Colorin Colorado... said...

Hola Miki! Where should I start??? Thank you so much for your lovely visit and message.
Ahora a lo juicy! A qué parte de California te venís a vivir? Yo estoy en el sur, a una hora al Norte de San Diego y a una hora al sur de Los Angeles, sobre la playa. Me imagino lo ansiosa que debés many changes!! Espero que te mudes a alguna ciudad más o menos grande o vas a extrañar mucho BA, especialmente los cafés!!! Yo estoy feliz de volver a Argentina después de más de 20 años, pero si él es el "muchachito de la película"...adelante con los faroles y a California!!! Te mando un cariño grande, toda la suerte del mundo y si tenés tiempo contame adónde vas a vivir, tal vez estemos cerca!

Giselle Schwerdtfeger said...

What a beautiful place!! I didn't know it....and you tested cardamom tea!! Oh delicious.... =)

Cherry Red Studio said...

that place looks and sounds amazing! i want to try cardamom tea-it sounds delicious. i put cardamom in my homemade chai and now youve got me wanting some! :)
and your dress is cute!

Thera Joyce said...

P.S. My hubby and I have been married for 3 years now. I'm so happy I look so young! hehe...We got married when I was 25, I'm 28 now.

Desde my ventana said...

Beautiful chandelier,

Jazzabelle said...

the tea house looks lovely! what beautiful furniture and lighting!

love, jazzabelle. x