August 12, 2010

Away We Go

This week we were faced with a tiny dilemma. My sister’s traveling to Brazil today, which means none of us will be at home to look after my dad (I go to the country first thing in the morning every Thursday and don’t get back until Friday at midnight). My dad can stay home alone for a few hours, but two whole days without our supervision is too long. We asked our uncle to lend us a hand and he accepted gladly without hesitating; he’s staying both days AND cooking for him and for me tomorrow night, what a sweetheart!

On Tuesday, we talked on the phone and he told me that they were going to hold a party at home with some beautiful girls. I just laughed and as soon as I hung up, I thought it’d be a nice idea to play a joke on him. I said to myself, “Why don’t I set everything up so they can have a party?” But of course, not the kind of party my uncle was talking about! I prepared everything for them to have a “Hello Kitty” party, hehe.

I got Hello Kitty paper plates, plastic cups, masks and a huge tablecloth.

I hid all the glasses and plates so they have no other choice but to use what I left.
I apologize for the ugly pictures; I had to take them late last night.

I also bought some food-shaped maracas and put them in the fridge.
(The burger, the fries, the bottle of beer and the salamis.)

I hung some masks on their chairs and then left a big note stuck on the fridge saying something like “I hope you have lots of fun at the party”, muahaha.


Ashley said...

haha! You are so sneaky! Great idea!

Flor said...

juuuuuaaasss!!! Fantastic idea!!! It would be wonderful to have some pictures of them having lunch :)