August 08, 2010

5 pretty lo-fi videos

Hi, there! I hope you all had a nice weekend, I did! (I’ll share a few pics of my weekend at the end of this post). Unfortunately for the ones who have to work on Monday like me, a new week is about to start, and with it, a whole bunch of responsibilities.

But it’s not my point to make you feel bad about it; on the contrary, I mean to show you five lo-fi videos that I find pretty and enjoyable to help you start the working week with a smile. Let’s see if it works … (fingers crossed).

1) Making a Shell by Tell No One. Check out their site to watch more experimental lo-fi videos.

2) Seaweed, again by Tell No One. I don't know, I find their work interesting.

3) Clean White Love by Lisa Mitchell. I love the song and the video which seems to have been recorded in super 8. Although I find her voice a bit annoying after a while, I can't help loving this song/story.

4) Lay Down Lean by the Belles of the Black Diamond Field, featuring Zooey Deschanel.

5) Another one by The Belles of the Black Diamond Field, God Ain't Gonna Put It In Your Lap. Women from 1920 to present.

And a few pictures of my weekend with Val before I leave. They are lo-fi as well, hehe.
I wore my sheep dress.
We went to an Indian restuarant called Delhi Mahal.

Miki + David, haha.
I had curry lamb and Val had curry chicken.

Our dessert: ice cream.
Later that night, we grabbed a couple of drinks at Empire.
And we had some more drinks at Le Bar.
Have a great Monday!


daisymay aka Chantele said...

Im glad you like my accent although it isnt very strong in the video
Miss Tipsy was blind from birth we just didnt know till she was about 1. She copes fine with it, just tilts her head so she can see better with her 1 good eye
Fact 6 was I like to bake, mainly bread in my bread-maker!
I cannot wait to go to china, just 14 weeks to go. And of course I will share lots of pictures when we get back.
Look forward to hearing your 7 facts!

Daisy Dayz Home

Devi Pope said...

Awe! M+D!! Hehe! =D

northwest is best said...

That restaurant looks super glam! And I love your sheep dress.

Giselle Schwerdtfeger said...

Qué bueno que lo pasaste super!! Yo estuve con bastante trabajo en la semana y el sábado también. Así que aproveché para descansar. Vemos si uno de estos findes nos juntamos!! Abrazo :-))

daisymay aka Chantele said...

hey Miki. Yes you post the little green award graphic and give the 7 facts then tag 10 other bloggers. you can also put the award in your side bar if you wish. Glad you liked my second little video! Daisy Dayz Home