August 31, 2010

Can you hear the rain?

I love rainy days, they’re so typical of Buenos Aires! I don’t even know when the rainy season is since it can pour down any time of the year really. Oh, and I love rainwear as much as I love rain =).

I didn’t take any pictures today because it’s dark and they wouldn’t have come good enough for me to post. Plus, I have some allergy I get on my face (on my eyes, mostly) twice a year, similar to a rash, so I don’t feel comfortable in front of a camera. I was happy to notice that I hadn’t got this thing this summer (it always appears once in summer and once in winter), but, eeeh, I got it again. I’ve had it for a week now, apparently it won’t be as strong as the past times, so I’m happy.

Anyways, coming back to rainy days, I grabbed my camera and instead of taking pics, I recorded three crappy videos. It doesn’t let me record more than 16 seconds, so they’re all really short. The quality is low, but at least you’ll get a picture of what the day is like here today.

And here’s some cool rainwear I’d love to wear today. These are my favorite Argentine brands for raincoats and accessories.

August 29, 2010

Argentine/Indian/French weekend

Ah! So I finally have the chance to sit in front of a computer without rush! It’s been a couple of hasty but cool days with lots of fun action.

 To start with, there are some photos I took in Saladillo. This was a different week in the country, since my boss and I only had to work a day and a half due to the company’s cattle auction, which is held on a yearly basis. The event was opened with an awesome barbecue for 550 guests. I was so focused on the beef and salad that I totally forgot to take pics! It was the best barbecue I’ve ever had.

 After lunch, I went outside to take a look at the corrals. There were many farmers analyzing the cattle’s specifications.

This was my favorite corral; these calves were so cute! They were not auctioned.

Mind you, these cows and bulls are pure breed to be crossed with others. They won’t go to the slaughterhouse.

Today, I met my friend Ceci and walked round San Telmo, a neighborhood that is known for its antique stores and fairs, and over the past few years, the number of independent designers has been populating the area at a quite accelerating rate. It’s very common in Buenos Aires city to see the old living with the modern in perfect harmony.

Every time I go to San Telmo, I can’t help entering into Cualquier Verdura, and today was no exception.
It’s an old house which was turned into a store. The cool thing about it is that they respected the architecture of the house and placed the vintage and new items they sell in the actual rooms (i.e. toiletries in the bathroom, utensils in the kitchen, furniture in the living room and so on).

I tried on this lovely vintage dress, but unfortunately it was too small for me.

I loved this independent designers’ store I hadn’t seen before.

Later tonight, I met Val. We were going to my favorite French pub, La Cigale, which re-opened last week, but for some strange reason, they were close today! We ended up going to an Indian restaurant that was nearby.

I had Kashmiri Roganjosh, yummy!

Here's Val showing you some nans, hehe.

After that, we went to a French pub, Le Bar, for some drinks and played with the candles.

I still have no plans for tomorrow, who knows what I’ll do? But I have the feeling it’ll be a good day, too =).

It's amost 5AM; time to go to bed! Nite, nite, everybody! ... or good morning!

August 26, 2010

My kind of graffiti

As I’ve said it several times, I can’t draw or paint or sew; I just take what’s available out there (i.e. already designed) and sometimes change it. I’m obsessed with cutting all the pretty or interesting pictures I see in every single magazine that gets to my hand. I keep those pieces of paper in a box and every now and then, when I have an idea, I open the box and use them.

A couple of months ago, I grabbed a few complete pages I’d torn out and started making some collages (so to call them) as I did other things with paper; I never finished those until last week. I took photos of people I’d set side, cut some other pics and stuck them to these pages. This is a picture I’d taken back then.

Once finished, I stuck them on random walls in town.

Ok, it's time to go to work!
Have a great day, everyone! =)

August 25, 2010

Weddology: neat & cheap

Some neat and cheap ideas.

1.- Humble, but adorable bouquets.

2.- I'm in love with this pie!

3.- Plastic shoes by Vivienne Westwood for Melissa.

4.- Nice ways for the guests to leave good wishes for the newlyweds.

5.- Cool paper garlands; love them!

6.- Inexpensive and environmentally friendly.

7.- Cool blackboards.

8.- Colorful origami cranes.