July 14, 2010

Weddology: Zero budget wedding

I’m not very pretentious when it comes to planning my wedding. I don’t care much about the place to hold it, the number of guests, the food or the souvenirs. I just want us to enjoy the day as much as we can, and if possible, together with the ones we love. The ugly truth is that, due to budgetary reasons, my family and friends are not going to make it to the day when David and I tie the knot. There is a slight chance that a couple might come, but since it’s a remote possibility I’d rather just think they’re not coming because if, for one second I thought I could count on them and then for whatever reason they decided not to come, I’d be torn apart.

 It’s very hard to plan on a wedding party when I don’t even know when I’m traveling to the States or getting married! The deal is: as soon as I’m granted the K1 visa, 90 days start running and before they’re due, I have to get married. The whole process of getting things ready, leaving and settling down in a new country is overwhelming enough; can you imagine planning a wedding on top of that? Not an easy task, I know!

 So far, the only thing I have is a lovely blue vintage looking dress by Vero Ivaldi. Yes! I could get a piece of one of my favorite Argentine designers during the sales; it was a bargain! Other than that, there’s nothing. The ideal thing would be to get married legally in the States, have a small reception so we can share our happiness and love with our closest relatives and friends, and then, I’d LOVE it if we could have a religious ceremony here in Buenos Aires for my family and loved ones. But then again, with such a tight budget, it’s hard to tell what we’ll end up doing.

 One thing has been agreed, though: David and I will not accept gifts from anybody. We hate the fact that people are forced to spend money for the newly weds. Honoring us with their presence is the best gift we can get.

 However, I have to admit there IS something I really, really want: cool pictures! I believe that we’ll both feel immensely happy that day so if I could choose one thing to spend our money on it’d have to be on someone to portray that joy forever. Now, in my dream wedding, I have Katie Sokoler as a photographer. Why? Just take a look at her pictures and judge for yourself!

 I love her laid-back and original style!
Ok, I’ll shut it and let you enjoy the pictures. Have a great day!


ce said...

i love her too!!! indeed!! the most important thing i agree, is having a great photographer since those will be moments you will want to cherish for life! :-)

maybe you can webcast the ceremony, with my brother we heard it over the phone, it was nice at least to be somewhat connected during that moment.

also, you could have a videochat during the reception (this is what we do with my brother as well).

other ideas.
you can come back to argentina to celebrate maybe an anniversary, first year sounds good, and make a party out of it, kind of like having a second wedding here and gives you time to save some money for it.

get married at the city hall! it's cheaper and now that carrie did it, it's way cool!

take advantage of where you'll be! you can maybe have the reception at a local restaurant or something, even better if it has some outdoor space.

most importantly, enjoy it!

Miki's scrapbook said...

Ce! Those are WONDERFUL ideas I'd never thought of! =D Thank you so much! There's a Japanese garden with a restaurant which offers affordable prices, that's we've seen and liked so far.

As for having Katie as a photographer ... that'd be too much, but, there must be other cool photographers who are closer and cheaper, I hope.


daisymay aka Chantele said...

First she is a great photographer, such cool photos but bet she cost a fortune! Secondly congrats on the wedding but I cannot image it being so up in the air with all the planning and only having 90 days to arrange and get married. But i suppose if its only really about the 2 of you the easiest thing would be just to registry office it as soon as you can then have a proper celebration some time after with family and friends.
It took my 18 months to plan my wedding so all my best wishes and good luck are with you for when you finally have to do it. If you weren't in the states I would come help you as I am starting a wedding planning company with my mother at the moment.
Good Luck with everything!!

Daisy Dayz Home

Miki's scrapbook said...

Thank you, Daisy! Yes, I know, it's too little time, but we'll figure something out.

A wedding planning company must be so much fun! Stressful, true, but fun!

Tight hug!

What Would a Nerd Wear said...

those pictures are definitely awesome!! it must be so stressful planning a wedding on top of everything else you have to do--you're a super star!!
hugs to you!

daisymay aka Chantele said...

woop woop glad you think the dress was worth it. Its my parents joint birthday night out on the 31st so I shall be wearing it then. Do you have a pick of your wedding dress? would love to see it, or does the other half read this and he cant see it? I wish I could help you out, you 2 seem so deserving of a little help, seeing everything you are going through for love!

Daisy Dayz Home

suzy said...

isn't katie amazing??
if i could have her just follow me around a photograph my LIFE [wow, not narcisistic at all], she'd just make everything look so happy and good. and then at the end of my life i'd have this photo album so i could show everyone how happy and good my life is.

and flowers pick themselves said...

these photos are so lovely + fun! thanks for sharing.

xo Alison