July 21, 2010

Weddology: cool and cheap ideas

In order to be consistent, I’ve decided to group all the posts connected with my wedding under the label “weddology”. I’ll publish the posts on Wednesdays because the words sound similar and because I need to have happy thoughts this day. I hate being right in the middle of the week; I am already tired and sometimes feel I have no stamina to make it till Saturday. Nothing better than happy thoughts to spur me on to getting to the weekend with a huge smile.

So, yeah, I’ve got over the idea of having Katie Sokoler as my photographer (kind of). I’m now trying to focus more on what we can actually afford.

I was going through different wedding planners’ sites and I ran into this one It’s a new local company, so they don’t have much experience in the topic, I guess. As far as I could see, they’ve only held one wedding. I’d look into their prices if I were to have my wedding in Argentina; but since that’s not going to happen, I just looked at their lovely pictures and jotted down some of their cool ideas.

I love the transparent jars used as vases. Apparently, it doesn’t take much to make them look beautiful: just ribbons and pretty flowers.

I love pennants! I’m sure I can get the girls in David’s family to help me make lots of them. They add color and offhandedness to any environment; I’d love the place to look informal and cheerful.

Having pictures taken in a motor home is something I hadn’t thought of. David’s parents have one, so it might be a good idea.

Here’s a humble but warm setting for a photo shoot: 2 armchairs, a carpet, pennants and some light bulbs. As I said before, the most important thing for me is to have pretty pictures to look at in the future. I’m interested in having photos which can capture the joy and happiness of the moment; I’m sure that a setting that doesn’t stand out much will help that purpose.

Finally, the souvenirs. I really like the idea of giving people pictures of us, plus they look great displayed like this, don’t they?



Ashley said...

I love the pictures hung with clothes pins! So cute! I'm sure your wedding will be beautiful regardless of your budget.

Marie said...

I made postcards as souvenirs for my mother's 70th birthday. There were 4 of them: one of her as a child, one of her with her mother and stepdad, one of her and my dad and one with her son and daughter.
On the back of the postcard we printed a fragment of one of her favorite poems, a different one for each postcard.. kind of thematic
It was beautiful and cheap!(printed on a very simple kind of paper, laser color, nothing fancy)

Miki's scrapbook said...

Thank you, Ashley! You're so sweet! The truth is that we still don't have a penny for it, but I'm not concerned at all. We'll come up with something :) and we'll love it, I'm sure.

Oh, Marie! Those are wonderful ideas! I'll tell David about them. Thank you so much for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Loving all these pictures!
I know people say money makes it memorable, but I really think the little things will make it super perfect :)


I am Abimarvel.

elatsyrk said...

Those all are such great ideas!

jamilah said...

very sweet ideas... i absolutely love the backdrop they put together... so cool!

Carrie said...

i am lovin this post.

i especially love the different garlands strung about. and the photos ... to die for.

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