July 02, 2010


I consider myself a very lucky person and I know I have plenty of reasons to smile. However, every now and then, I’m faced with some sort of situation which makes me realize that there are lots of people who, for whatever reason, are having a hard time smiling.

There’s one person I know and love who’s going through the hardest time of his life. Even still, I saw him crack a smile, which has made me very happy and realized that smiling is good for oneself, but also for the ones surrounding us.

In attempt to make people to smile, I’ve left some clown noses because, although I find clown super creepy, I think we all relate clowns with the action of smiling.


Ashley said...

Great idea! I love this! I imagine that you totally make these people's day when they find what you leave behind!

milk overdose said...

nice attitude, those clown noses are funny anyway :)

yeah, brazil has lost..whatever, i don't care about soccer anyway hahaha. our team are not the same anymore. that's why i bought an england soccer t-shirt recently, haha kidding. no, i really bought it. it's cute!