July 26, 2010

Pop concert on Friday: Leo García

This Friday I had the unexpected chance to see one of my favorite Argentine indie pop singers: Leo García. As I was heading to the country in the van, I saw a poster which said he was playing on Friday night. I got super excited because I hadn0’t seen him in a while, but I didn’t have much money with me :/. I told my friend Val about it and she bought two tickets =), so we went together.

The concert was pure fun!

And I even got to say hi to him and he signed a poster for me.


Lillí said...

Sin dudas, "Vital", su mejor disco.

milk overdose said...

so cool that he has signed ur poster! :)
hey, about the teapot u send it to's absolutely cute! and i've already post it sometime ago but thanks anyway! it's really cute <3

daisymay aka Chantele said...

Thanks for the comment miki! Looks like a great concert, his posters are really cool, so different!

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Ashley said...

this is so cool! I haven't ever really had one on one time with any of my favorite musicians... I'm jealous!

Ashley said...

Oh and I sent out your package today!!!